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I usually don't do a Sunday post, but today I apparently am. I've been up since about 4:30 am due to the time change, a sick child, and a bad dream; and now I'm bored (even though we are watching Space Jam). So since the hubby is out fixing the car with his friend right now, I figured I would tell y'all about some of the things I've been loving lately.

On Friday, I decided to get back into sponsoring... and made a new friend. Her name is Kate, and you should go check her out.

*Also on Friday, I made some new blog buttons, so if you are up for swapping, let me know via email or twitter, and I will send one over (in the size you need of course). 

Old navy just came out with their new Spring prints... I love this shirt, this shirt, and this shirt; & everyone needs this cardigan in their lives. And if you order online, most pieces are 40% off... 

Ulta's 21 days of beauty sale started today. There are lots of "beauty steals" & free gifts with purchase. 

I got this serum last week from Valentia, and it's slowly becoming a holy grail beauty item.

It's amazing what you can learn online... I was able to redesign my logo for my Etsy shop with a simple tutorial, and it looks so much more professional. 

This video from Cian Twomey. What he talks about, goes the same for bloggers, and it's sad. 

This cream is my holy grail beauty moisturizer. It's cheap and effective. 

This song by Flo Rida. This song from The Chainsmokers. This song from Charlie Puth. 

This post from From Roses. 

Well, that's all.... Happy Sunday :)

Always say yes to the wine.

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