My favorite apps for blogging

Apps. Everyone has them. Everyone uses them. Everyone loves them, and they tend to make our lives a bit easier. Today, I am going to talk about my favorite apps that make blogging a bit easier for me. 

favorite apps for blogging

Since I don't have a DSLR, I use my phone for the majority of all of my picture taking- blog and personal. VSCO makes my life easier, since I don't have to upload the pictures into my computer, edit with PSE, and post. I can just edit right on my phone, in my free time, and then upload them into the blog. VSCO has alot of preset editing filters already installed, and they come out with free ones every so often. But you can also buy filters if you want. 

I use the blogger platform- hence the I love that the app allows me to draft a post, add in photos, and publish all from my phone. Unfortunately, it doesn't add my signature to all of my posts, and I can't exactly link anything, so I do have to get onto my computer to finish and polish posts, but it's nice when I have a post idea and need to get it down. 

I am inlove with Bloglovin. I follow so many blogs, and it's nice to have the posts in one spot.

The twitter app helps me stay in touch with all of my followers and when I want to share something from my Etsy shop, it's a nice short cut to share it directly to twitter. 

Snapchat is by far my favorite app, because nothing is permanent in Snapchat. Well, unless you want to pay to save snaps, but that's not my point. Snapchat allows me to see a different side of bloggers- the everyday, unedited side.

What are your favorite apps you use for blogging?

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