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You love Facebook. I love Facebook. We all love Facebook. It's a great networking site that you can make new friends & keep up with the old, sell your unwanted stuff, and even get your daily news. Facebook can be one of the most personal of all the social media outlets. And one of the most annoying. Personally, I have have been becoming more private for certain reasons, and in addition to those reasons, I also have some pet peeves... 

1. Game invites
Enough with the damn invites already... I've had enough. I mean, sure I used to play, like when I wasn't working and was pregnant- so I didn't have anything better to do- but now, I have responsibilities and really don't like to be on Facebook more than the norm. 

2. People that share my personal photos
A friend of mine and my parents' always used to share my personal photos of my son on their own wall. I had asked them to stop, but of course, it still happened, and I deleted them. But my questions are: 1) why would you share someone else's photos of their kids, on your OWN wall, when you aren't a grandparent or close family member, and 2) again, why would you do that?

3. Ambiguous posts
You know those posts where people are like "prayers needed", "I can't believe what just happened", "karma's a bitch", or song lyrics that never allude to anything, and result in a bunch of comments that ask "what the hell happened" and "are you ok"? Like the picture above with a pineapple that has nothing to do with Facebook. Yeah, that shit. 

4. The new react buttons
Really Facebook... ugh! We have been asking for a dislike button for a rather long time, and now we get these weird reaction button. So if I post something, and some reacts with the angry face, how the hell am I supposed to take that? Or what about the sad? All I wanted was a thumbs down button. 

5. Drama
For the love of everything good in this world, can we please stop the drama. And the fighting. I hate when people post the woah is me posts and then get mad when people tell them to shut up or give suggestions on how to fix their situation... really?

6. Amen, animals dying, money laying around
Just stop. Re-posting will not help others, and you are just annoying. Please stop cluttering up my feed. 

7. Bragging
Sure I am happy when someone is able to buy something, but continuously bragging about how you went on vacay... built a house... got a new car... etc, doesn't not look good. 

8. Facebook Invites
What ever happen to the old fashion here's a text telling you when my next function is? What, you don't talk to me, so you wouldn't have my phone number, but you still expect me to come to your baby shower after two years of not talking? 

9. Selfie overload
I get that everyone has their own page, but when you have a whole album dedicated to your selfies (gym, work, post-sex, whatever), you may have an issue. #justsaying #saveitforsnapchat

10. Group Messages
I get that sometimes they are necessary- like sharing a new address or something, but please stop. I get about two lines into the message, and have to leave like the ten people before me. 

Is there anything that annoys you about Facebook?

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