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Sundays have always been a rather slow and relaxing family day for me. Usually it's the only day that I can spend totally with the fam, because the hubby is off and Monday, I will be going back to work. Today is actually the first Sunday in awhile that I won't have to work the next day, and not because it's a holiday. It's because I chose to stay home with my son, and actually it's kinda working out right now. Anyways, I've been loving some things lately, and wanted to tell you about them.

-I found this website, and it's all about saving animals (one of my soft spots) through buying stuff and they donate the proceeds to shelters and rescues. Basically it's kind of like Sevenly, but they are only concerned with dogs. They feature stories about puppies in need, and trust me, you will need the tissues. 

-I really love Pura Vida bracelets and I am seriously thinking about joining their monthly subscription club. It's less than $15 a month, and you get three bracelets each month. They have so many bracelet options, and I think that it's a nice deal. 

-Since choosing to stay home with my son, I decided to give this app a try, and haven't looked back. Lil Man really loves it, and I love that I can use it on the tablet, my phone, on on my laptop. 

-I received my July Birchbox a few days ago, and finally tried this facial oil. I swear the stuff smells like someone bottled up sunshine and added some moisturizing oil to it. It gives a dewy look, and doesn't make my skin break out. If you have a chance to try it, do it. And btw, the line is cruelty free

-I really want this shirt, but I'm not sure if it's appropriate or not to wear when I'm out with the fam...

-I am praying that the hubby and I are going to be able to go to Rock Allegiance in Chester, PA in September. My all time favorite band is The Offspring, and I am dying to go see them! 

Is there anything that you have been loving lately?

Happy Sunday!

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