from cray cray to presentable | a how to

the other day me and lil man woke up from a nap hungry... and well, i looked like hell. i didn't want to go anywhere, because of that fact, but i knew we didn't have any food in the fridge (i hadn't gone shopping), so it was decide that we would run to get some pizza.

looking in the mirror, i thought to myself, now would be a great time to photograph a nice little tutorial about easy makeup and hair. so i give you...

so you have woken up and look a little cray cray. the first thing that you want to do is crawl back under the covers, but you can't. what do you do?

step one | wash your face and apply some lotion. this will make you feel so much better.

step two | spray some dry shampoo in your hair to absorb excess oil. rub in and brush out. 

step three | twist your bangs back on the side, and pin. then gather your hair into a low side pony going to the same side as the twist. add a clear elastic. 

step four | brush your teeth and then it's time for some makeup. brush on a little powder foundation for color, mascara to define your eyes, and lip balm to hydrate your dry lips.

pixi shea butter lip balm // pixi large lash mascara // bare minerals powder foundation

step five | put on deodorant and clothes. then spray with body spray and you're ready to go :) 

your welcome.
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  1. This is exactly what I do on days I don't feel like getting ready or need to be out quick. Love the bangs twisted to the side!

  2. That is just about my daily routine unless I have an extra five minutes to do a little more make-up. Thank God for dry shampoo!


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