recapping under the influence of an allergy attack

well it's friday, so i guess that means i'm doing another weekly recap... surprise surprise. 

okay, that was not meant the way it sounds... i love doing my weekly recaps. 

i am currently suffering from a hell of an allergy attack (possible sinus infection) for who knows why. to illustrate: the gremlins in the back of my throat keep poking my soft flesh with their pitchforks, my eyes are watering, and my my nose is either an overstuffed build a bear or leaky faucet. tmi? yeah, i know, i'm sorry. i'm not thinking straight, possibly due to the fact that i'm also on the verge of a migraine. 

oh, did i mention that my lil man has been having the same symptoms, plus sneezing for like 2 days? yeah... anyways, let's get to it.

my favorite moments of the week

one | sunday was mother's day, and of course i had to work a ten hour shift. all was not lost thought... my hubby surprised me with a bouquet of flowers, a card, and an iced coffee before i left for work. of course, they had to sit in water until i came home, because i have this thing about arranging my own flowers. but i think once i finally arranged them, they turned out simply beautiful. 

two | since i had to work the ten hour shift sunday, my mom and hubby split the time of watching lil man (the hubby works midnight's, so he needed some sleep). while i was working, my mom took lil man to the park where me and the hubby got married, and took some mother's day pictures of him. and then sent them to me at work. definitely brightened my day. 

three | my mom also decided to hit up some garage sales on sunday, and lil man finally go his first big boy bike. needless to say, he was super excited! and mommy probably lost five pounds helping him ride around the yard with no training wheels. 

four | my birchbox came in this week. i was super excited to see that i received the pixi shea lippy in pixi pink. i had been wanting to get one, but wasn't wanting to spend eight bucks on a pink lippy, when i already had like three in my cabinet. i am in love with the color and the moisture that it gives my lips. full may birchbox review coming next week. 

five | i have been having some personal issues this week, and while in the car, instead of changing of the station, i finally listened to this song. it really hit home.

i think i'm gonna go lay on the couch now. how was your week? 
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  1. do you get ipsy too b/c i got my first one and i wasn't impressed with it at all. how much is it for birch box? i'm trying to get a influenster box but not having any luck. any ideas how it all works.

  2. I got the same lipstick! At first I was a little scared of the color, hello.. it looks serious hot pink, but it's actually quite sheer with a nice pop of color!

  3. I had a really busy week but it was also a really good week. I felt good which for me is a huge plus. Your little man is adorable. So are you feeling better today?

  4. Love this pic of him on the bike. he looks so happy


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