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i am definitely down for jumping dauntless style onto the cool kid train, especially when my two favorite bloggers, sarah and helene, happen to be driving that train. why? well, you see they are the brilliant minds behind the #totalsocial linky going around social media today. 

have you seen any of your favorite peeps hashtaging #firsttotalsocial and haven't known why? well, let me let y'all in on the secret... it's because the topic of the linky is to talk about your first. no, i'm not talking about your first, your first. i'm talking about your first blog post, first instagram post, first child, blah blah blah. 

anyways, after you're done here, you should definitely head over to either sarah's or helene's blog and check out the other linked up "firsts"! 

Venus Trapped in Mars

i was thinking of linking up my first blog post, but that's my thirty by thirty list, and you can read that every day. i was also thinking about talking about my first kid, but c'mon, i think you guys already know enough about him. if not, then search for pregnancy or lil man in the search area. then i thought of my first boyfriend, but seriously who really wants to rehash an old and bad relationship. so with a headache, i finally came upon my conclusion to post and talk about my very first post to my favorite social media... instagram. 

when i first started, 108 weeks ago (aka a little over 2 years), my name was tlrice13. yes, that should look familiar, because up until about what, two months ago, it was still the same. instagram for me at that time, was basically just taking pictures, and not caring about "likes" or if i had any followers. by the way, i think i had under 20 at that point. Oh, and every post, had to be posted to facebook. yeah, i was that naive. 

what was your first instagram post like? 
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  1. my instagram named has changed too! and thats a great first pic!

  2. LOL mine was of math homework, how awesome is that? Ha!

  3. I think my first instagram is a picture of my mom's dog. Yours is much cuter.


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