rainy day confessions

i know, i know... i'm late. but at least it's not the "bad" late :) 

yeah, not funny. anyways, it's almost nine o'clock at night, and my confessional post is finally going up... oops? well, i guess i should spin an awesome story of how busy i was today, or the fact that i had it scheduled and something went wrong, or something thing like that. but i'm not going to make excuses... 

why? cause, this is me. literally, this is me. 

i'm always late. late to the doctor. late to the party. late to a date. hell, i would be late to work, if i didn't put on the calendar that i had to be there 15 minutes before i actually had to be there. 

it happens. all. the. time. 

you know what else happens? a non-what i wore wednesday post. oops. but at least i gave you the above picture, which is another "literally, this is me" example. yes, whenever i am at home, i am usually wearing sweats or yoga pants, a tank, and a shirt. oh, my hair is usually a mess. yeah... 

on a side note, i have no idea why in the hell i picked the picture in which i look like a deer in the headlights... 

i guess that's enough of an intro, so maybe it's time to divulge into my rainy day confessions?

i confess.... 

blue eye shadow makes old women look ridiculous. and like a reject smurf. 

i love a good thunderstorm... but not three in three days. 

i bought the selfie shirt for 3.88 at target today... uh-huh be jealous. 

i think i have a girl-crush on samantha over at the samantha life... i sent her a pretty awesome wine glass and she just advertised the shit out of it today on her blog. yes, you should go check it out and then pick one up for yourself. 

i really want to go on vacation. it's been a year since we took a family trip to indy and over two years since me and the hubby escaped to new orleans. we are thinking about gatlinburg, tn in september, but i really doubt we are going to have the money. #sadface

the chicago fire finale really pissed me off. why they gatta do us like that?

i'm starting to fall inlove with pixi makeup... yeah, i'm going to be doing a post on why real soon.

i'm linking up with kathy, liz, & bella

alrighty, i guess that's enough confessing, even though i really didn't dig down deep, but whatevs.

peace. i'm out.
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  1. Never heard of pixi make up. I love max factor. and being late isn't good. Early bird catches the worm don't cha know. there's an image near your comment back that's showing the image has been deleted. just letting you know. and dont you mean gaitlinburg. (sp?)

  2. love the selfie shirt and yes to older too much blue eye shadow!


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