i decided to participate in the #swagswap14 hosted by candra from camo and lipstick and alicia from brew mama

basically the swap was either diva or fitness themed and a free for all. and... i'm guessing you know which one i picked? no? well, you don't see my ass doing a ten mile (or even a mile) run on the weekly, so go ahead and guess. 

anyways, i was paired with alma from can i borrow that? and let me just tell you, the woman is amazing. she has lost over seventy-five flippin pounds and is still going strong! she is seriously an inspiration to everyone! 

alma definitely surprised me... and i fell in love with everything! i apologize for the crappy cell phone picture, but as soon as i opened the package, i wanted to use the bath bombs (in the floral paper).

she sent me: eos lip balm, benefit's bad gal lash, essie's lilacism, two bath bombs from lush, a pink nail file, a black and purple headband from syddy kat, a loofa, and a three piece travel set (lotion, body wash & body spray) in pink chiffon from bath and body works.

i've been starting to get into headbands, and i seriously love the one that alma sent me. and come to find out, alma, herself, actually used to have an etsy shop and sold these beautiful headbands. yes, i think that is the most special part of the package :)

the bath bombs from lush were simply amazing! i received the blooming beautiful box, which included two amazing bath bombs. and the pink chiffon set from bath and body works... oh my jeeze! yeah, basically i use the lotion and body spray on the daily!

yes, i may be bragging, but i really think that out of all the swap boxes i have gotten, this one is the best! 

thank you alma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. You seriously got the hook-up. What a wonderful box of some serious swag! You are one lucky gal!!!

  2. Gorgeous headband, and I love that Essie color!


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