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today's post is going to be a quick one... probably. i have cpr training in a little bit, and instead of writing this last night, i was working on my diy post for tomorrow. yeah, i know. 

this week has not been one for the record books. i mean, if there was a word to sum it up, i would say that it had been extremely disappointing. allow me to explain, and then we will get to the good stuff. 

i went into the week with two major appointments scheduled. appointments that were both necessary and possibly life changing. 

the first one was an interview at a big girl job. if you have been here for awhile, you would know that i graduated with my master's degree at the beginning of the month. to save you the long ass story (i'm planning a blog post about it soon): i applied, felt 99.5% sure that i was going to get it, and then got a letter the next day that they didn't want me. it stung like a million bees. and it hurt. bad. 

the second appointment was a scan for my gallbladder. i had been having pains in my upper right side for the better part of 2014, and well, i finally went to the doctor. she sent me for an ultrasound, and since it had been clear, she sent me for a $4000 test called a Hida/Cida scan; which was the appointment. i received an email from her later that night telling me that my gallbladder was poorly functioning, and she was referring me out to a surgeon. shit. 


so let's talk about the good stuff now, shall we?

my five six favorite things of the week

one | the piece of paper that says i'm educated finally came in! oh, and besides a masters of science in criminal justice, i also have a certificate in law. hells yeah! 

two | i decided to throw some money into sponsoring a couple of blogs this month. be prepared, cause you will see a variety of either mine or the shop's buttons on the grits blog, halfway to fearless, casey leigh, you're in brookelynn, denim & daydreams, and don't quote the raven

three | the weather was actually quite nice this week, and well, lil man's face says it all :) 

four | since the weather was so nice, i decided to buy lil man a pair of flip flops. let's just say that he never takes them off, because he wants to be like mommy. 

five | like i said in the beginning, i was working on my diy project for tomorrow. if you follow me on instagram, hint hint, then you would already know one part of it. this is a sneak peek. (no, it's not the dusty fake flowers... look lower). 

six | for some reason, i am inlove with the song. have you heard it, what do you think?

how was your week? write about it, pick some favorites, or just add a song, and link up with one of the cool people, like me :)

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  1. Yay for flip flops! Enjoy the nice weather and have a great weekend!

  2. i hadnt heard that song, but now i'm in love! lol perfect friday song ;)

  3. ohhh let me know how your sponsorships go I have been in the market! Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. I always love hearing how your week went. I know it is disappointing that you are going to probably need surgery but I know you are anxious to be done with the pain. It has been so hot here that we are having to wait until later to go out. It is suppose to be a beautiful weekend here, just hot.


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