diy | painted bowls & glitter taped vase

happy saturday friends. i love a fun and easy diy, and today i am bringing you: 

when i saw these cute little bowls that lauren and kate had done, i knew i had to try. i love painting. i mean, i love painting so much, that i own a little etsy shop in which i paint wine glasses.

so i set out to the most wonderful place on earth for some porcelain bowls. in case you don't know where i'm going with this... i went to target and found these bowls for $1.99 each. I grabbed a square one and a round one.

once i got home, i decided to look up the directions (kate refers you to the lovely drawer for the full tutorial), and then grabbed some paint and supplies. i have been uber obsessed with the color mint lately, so of course, one of the paint colors were going to be mint.

my supplies: paint, silver sharpie, q-tips, paint brush, sponge painters, and a round sponge painter. 

the directions were fairly easy.

1. wash and dry bowls.

2. paint the inside, or drawn a design. let dry.

3. paint the outside. let dry.
this is where the round sponge painter comes in. all you do is dab it in the paint, and then go to town. i found that it covers nicely, and you don't run the risk of taking off the drying paint. you will need two coats. and yes, i even painted the bottom.

4. once everything is dry, go around the edges with a sharpie, to make them look neater.

5. bake in oven.
when it came to this step, i was super confused. the original directions refer to a temperature in celsius, but since i'm no math genius, i decided to go to the holy grail of diy: pinterest. i found a tutorial on sharpie colored coffee mugs, and used that temp >> 350 F for 30 minutes.

after finishing the bowls, i had no idea of where to put them. and then it dawned on me... i could put them on my dresser. you see, i live in a one-bedroom apt with my hubby and my son, and well, i really don't have a place for my jewelry. so at the end of my hall, sits a dresser (with my son's clothing), and my jewelry on push pins. 

i decided that it would be a perfect place, because i am starting hate clutter and to like simple things and arrangements. but as i was clearing off the dresser, i decided that just the two bowls on it, made it look too bare. 

so i decided to grab a mason jar, fill it with white rocks, and put a bouquet of flowers in it. 

unfortunately, it looked too bare for my taste. 

then i remembered that i had some glitter tape in my craft supplies that i had bought from target a couple weeks earlier, and decided glitter is just what it needed.

i wrapped three pieces around the jar, to give it some pizzazz. 

i really liked the "after" of my fun little diy project, and think that my dresser looks a hell of a lot better. 
what do you guys think?

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  1. Girl, this is so super cute! I think adding the glitter tape was the perfect touch. I've been wanting to painting some dish for awhile. I did a small celebration plate for Jack a while back but I would really enjoy making another plate or platter.


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