may birchbox review

my may birchbox arrived, and i was thrilled to see that i received the pixi shea butter lip balm. birchbox has a habit of releasing sneak peak videos before the monthly boxes are even sent, and well, this is the first time that i have received any of the items featured. plus, i had been ho-humming around the idea of actually buying the lip balm at target the past week before. 

in my may box, i received: marcelle bb cream golden glow, pixi shea butter lip balm, nexxus color assure pre-wash primer, nexxus color assure vibrancy retention shampoo, nexxus color assure vibrancy retention conditioner, supergoop! everyday spf 30 with cellular response technology and smartypants all-in-one adult complete vitamins and fiber.  

i actually fell in love with the marcelle bb cream at first blend. it gives a rather nice summer glow color, and of course, i'm a sucker for bb creams. unfortunately, i would not actually buy a full-size tube, because i have an overstock of bb creams currently. 

the pixi lip balm is in 'pixi pink' and it sure is pink. it is also super hydrating, and the color stays for a very long time. i received a full size.

the nexxus color assure set came in a cute little package. even thought i don't currently have colored hair, i still used and actually liked it. the pre-wash primer wasn't greasy, and made my hair feel very soft. after using the whole set, my hair felt light, airy, and like i had nothing in it. if i was coloring my hair on the regular, i would possibly buy the full-size bottles. 

having light skin, sunscreen is sorta my bestie. basically, i have use quite a few, and after using the supergoop, it is definitely in my top five.  it wasn't oily, didn't have a bad smell, and protected extremely well. would i buy a full size? um, no. not at $19 for 2.4 oz. there are store brands that are cheaper and work better. but supergoop does make a cc cream, and i would love to try it. 

the smartypants all-in-one adult complete vitamins and fiber were pretty nice. they tasted like fruit snacks and were healthy :) although they tasted good, i wouldn't buy a full size. i like the store brand vitamins, and in pill form.  

it seems as if my boxes are getting better and i am super happy about it! oh, since this month's box theme was "free wheelin" birchbox decided to partner with kate spade Saturday to give subscribers a $25 off of $75 purchase at the store. yep, i was psyched. i want this, this, and this

so if you want to sign up for birchbox, you can do it here.

I personally think that you should try it. I mean it's only ten bucks. What else could you be spending ten bucks on?
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I guess I should tell you that I earn points if you sign up through my referral link, and those points eventually lead to "free" products, but I swear to you that this is not  a sponsored post, as Birchbox has no idea who I am... (but they do have my credit card info). And if you sign up, and then review the products that you receive in your box... YOU also receive points, which lead to free products. So, it's a win/win!  


  1. There are always a lot of Birchbox reviews out there but yours is the one I actually read because you don't just say everything was the I now want to try that BB cream.

  2. Ooo I got that sunscreen in a Birchbox a couple months ago and really like it!!


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