high five for friday

hi friends!

this week has definitely been awesome! other than my gallbladder pain steadily getting worse (june 9th can't come soon enough), the weather has been beautiful and i completed another task on my thirty by thirty list!!

so let's recap!

one | while i was childless and off on saturday (you saw what i did on wednesday), lil man was about an hour south with my parents. while i was "shopping", i was sent this picture... 

my parents said that lil man had a great time, and he loved riding the horse bareback (which is something that i've never done). 

two | memorial day i was off, so i talked the hubby into going to the zoo. where we live, we have three zoos within an hour and a half drive- a smaller one that is 45 minutes, and two in chicago that are an hour and a half away... we went to the closer one :) 

lil man loved seeing the animals, and even asked if he could take the bear home. yeah... 

three | after the zoo, we stopped by the wonder world of wal-mart to get some burger stuff, and then went home to cook. while the hubby was cooking the food, me and lil man decided to have a squirt gun fight! yes, that may have been the highlight of my week :)

four | thursday, the circus came to town. no, not the big one, but a small one that fit at the grandstand of the county fair. me, my parents, and my brother decided to take lil man, because i thought it may be fun. basically he loved it. we rode an elephant together (#25 on my thirty by thirty list) and ate a funnel cake. mmmm.

five | ok, this may sound weird, but i have a habit of watching music videos on youtube, and on saturday i came across iggy azalea's fancy. well, i've been lovin the song everytime it comes on the radio, so i decided to watch the video, and share it with you guys today. enjoy! (yes, i know it seems like a rip off of clueless)

did you guys see the new blog design? what cha think?
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  1. I love funnel cake! There's a little eatery in town with funnel cake fries - amazing! Have a good weekend :)

  2. I love your blog! I'm not sure how I found it, but am glad that I did. I can tell we would be IRL friends b/c I love Maurices, make-up, and my family! I look forward to getting to know you! :) Lana

  3. Congrats on getting another thing marked off your list! It looks like you had a wonderful week of family! Sorry about the gallbladder pain though. Hopefully they can get you fixed up real soon.


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