five reasons to wear Silver Jeans

After an Instagram post yesterday, I knew I had to interrupt my regular Friday programming and correct a real injustice. You see, yesterday, I realized that not a lot of people have heard about Silver Jeans Co.; and truth be told, I was really surprised. For the past ten-ish years, I have sworn by Silver Jeans, as they have been my go-to jeans for so many reasons. Other than the fact that they are fashion-savvy, but cost-conscious, they are also comfortable as anything. Sure, I could literally write you a book on why I love Silver Jeans, but instead I am going to give you my five top reasons that you should be wearing denim from Silver Jeans Co. right now.

five reasons to wear Silver Jeans

1. fit/style
Since their first design in 1991, Silver Jeans Co. knows that one fit doesn't fit all, and they take pride in the fact that they can offer both men and women a variety of fits and styles. Currently Silver Jeans Co. has nine different fits for men and four different fits for women. In terms of sizing, the women's sizes run from waist 22-36 (equal to 0 to 13/14), and the men's sizes run from 28-44. They also have women's plus sizes 14-24. In addition their are several styles ranging from skinny to boot cut to destructed to boyfriend/girlfriend and beyond. 

I personally love the Suki fit. Before the birth of my son in 2010, I wore the Suki in a size 36 waist, and after, I wear the Suki in a size 20. Yes... pregnancy & birth tends to expand the hips, but what I am saying, is that the fit is universal. From the women's to the extended/plus sizes, you are going to get the same fit, no matter the size.

five reasons to wear Silver Jeans

2. durability
Made from a material that is lightweight and soft, and designed to stand up to everyday wear and tear, Silver Jeans are built to last. I personally know from experience that Silver Jeans are built to last. How do I know this, you ask? Two examples: 1) I still have a pair that I bought right before my wedding in 2009 (sure since the birth of my son I can't wear them, but I have them..., and 2) my favorite pair of skinny jeans (the ones pictured) have been in rotation for about the last two years. They are comfortable, stretch-proof, and haven't faded.

silver jeans suki fit

3. price
Generally good jeans can be expensive, but Silver jeans are not. Their idea is to be fashion-savy, but cost conscious. They are affordable, and if you buy them from the right place, you can find a really good deal on a pair or two.   

4. availability
The one thing that I love about Silver Jeans Co is the fact that they are sold online and in a wide range of stores, which makes them easy to find. Currently in my area, I can find a pair of Silvers at Maurices, Gordmans, Macy's, and some other stores.

5. charity
Silver Jeans is a company that anyone can stand behind, as they are "committed to fostering positive change an a brighter future for individuals and their global communities through personal empowerment, education and actionable involvement." (source) They do this by engaging in philanthropic endeavors, and donating to several charities including United Way and Trees for the Future.
silver jeans pocket details

silver jeans suki skinnies

Like I said: I am a huge fan of Silver Jeans and love everything about them. Each style and fit is unique, and as a special bonus, the details are a too cute: the pockets are all different. Some are colored, some are black, and some are simple, but they all have the signature "s" and it just gives it that extra pop. 

Jeans (similar
Sweatshirt- old, similar style here 
boots- old, similar style here 

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Have you ever worn Silver Jeans?

*Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post. I just love Silver Jeans, and believe that everyone should be wearing them :) 

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five reasons to wear Silver Jeans

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