five easy ways to stay in touch due to long distance

For the better part of three years, my best friend has lived about 14 hours away from me. When she left, it was like a part of my heart went with her. Since she moved, she has been back twice and I have went to see her once. Of course, in person, monthly visits were impractical, and since we both don't really like to talk on the phone, we have tried to stay connected in other ways. And guess what- they are really easy ways that everyone in a long distance relationship (any type) can use to stay in touch!

five easy ways to stay in touch due to long distance

Of course texting in a great way to say hey, or somewhat get involved in each others lives, but it's just words, and sometimes it's just not enough.

Snapchat is a great tool for staying in touch, since it allows the both of us to send little videos or pictures of our daily life. My son loved to make little videos and send them to people. Sometimes is it also better than a text, because it's almost like we are Skypeing without actually Skypeing; if you know what I mean.

Snail mail
A little love note is always unexpected and always makes someone smile. Target has some really cute little cards in their dollar spot, and trust me when I say that I have a little addiction. I love to send some cheer to people, and it just so much better when it's unexpected.

Sending packages
I have a kid that is a few years younger than hers, she likes to send me some clothes that her's has outgrown. It's nice, because 1) kids clothes are expensive, and 2) my son loves to get clothes from her's.

Since everyone is always posting things about their lives and sharing photos, Facebook is always one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with people. My favorite feature has to be the "On this Day" app. I love when mine and my friend's things come up, because it's really nice to reminisce sometimes.

How do you stay in touch?

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five easy ways to stay in touch due to long distance

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