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When I sat down to draft this post, I didn't think much of it. Then I realized that it would go live on September 11th. The September 11th that shook America to it's core. And in that realization, I knew I had to at least pay some type of tribute.  

Honestly, I remember the day, fifteen years ago, very vaguely. I remember that I was in 10th grade, and the whole grade was taking ISteps. After we finished, we went into a classroom, turned on the tv, and saw the video of the plane hitting the tower. I was stunned. I was confused. I was heartbroken. But in the wake of a tragedy, I saw a beautiful thing. I saw people of all colors, religions, backgrounds, and education come together to help. It was breath taking. And quite possibly the biggest act in history that made me believe in humanity. At least for a while. 

Ok... so enough reminiscing and lets get to some good stuff...
btw, I'm not heartless- I just don't want to rehash the past and one of the worst days in US history.

I used to be in love with EOS lip balms, but last year my lips started getting really dry and irritated when ever I would put it on. Since it's Fall, I knew that I needed to find a new lip balm, because cooler temps are coming. Through research, I finally came across this article, detailing which lip balms would help my issue and I am so thankful!

People have been raving about some lounge pants from Nordstrom, but I can tell you that I am not made out of money and since I'm a little on the plus side, I decided to grab these from Walmart. Best. Decision. Ever. 

I am dying for another pair of riding boots, and these ones from Maurices are going to fit the bill. 

My face has been really itchy and of course, I have been breaking out, so I tried this mask and honestly, I love it. It was cooling, cleared my face, and was easy to peel off. 

I have been doing some redecorating and the next thing on my list to buy is this and this

Anything that you have been loving lately?

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