My favorite Ph color changing lip balms

I am NOT A FAN of lipstick what so ever, so when ever I want to have color, I rely on Ph color changing lip balms.

What is a Ph color changing lip balm, you ask? Well, it's simple, really. The ingredients in the lip balm interact with your lips natural ph-levels to create an all-natural just for you shade. Some lip balms will give you a pretty subtle pinky color, while some will give you an orangey color. Read on to find out what my favorite ph color changing lip balms are.

It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Stain 4-in-1 Hydrating Lipstick in Je Ne Sais Quoi

What they say:
Vitality Lip Flush 4-in-1 Reviver Lipstick Stain is a lip product that gives the naturally pretty flush, vitality-filled, color of a lipstick, with the Anti-Aging, hydrating and conditioning feel of a balm AND a long-wear stain that doesn’t dry out lips! It truly is a multi-faceted product, packed with amazing natural ingredients. With good for you Anti-Aging Antioxidants including Vitamins A, C, E, Acai, Green Tea and White Tea; Vitality Lip Flush protects and wards off free-radicals all day long.

Formulated to give that long-wear flush of naturally pretty color, the Anti-Aging hydration of a super luxe treatment lip balm, and a powerful stain that doesn’t dry out your lips. Developed with leading plastic surgeons, this truly innovative, formula contains IT Cosmetics® Hydra-LuxeTM technology, including ingredients such as Plum Oil, Cherry Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe and Jojoba that all work together to treat, hydrate, condition, and nourish your lips. Good-for-you ingredients drench your lips with lasting hydration and color and the naturally pretty shades work on all skin tones. This Made in the USA formula is Paraben-free.

What I say:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color that it gives my lips- such a pretty, neutral pink. It doesn't have a scent or taste, which is a plus; and it is VERY hydrating.

Winky Lux Glimmer Ph Lip Balm in Rose

What they say:

The diva of fresh lip balms, our vegan RosĂ© Glimmer pH Balm applies on clear then responds to your skin's pH-levels to create an all-natural shade of sparkling pink to give your pucker a subtle twinkle. 

What I say:

Winky Lux Rainbow Tinted Balm

What they Say:

Meet our hybrid! Rainbow Balm is a tinted and pH-hybrid balm that leaves behind a just-been-kissed flush of color. The red and orange stripes are tinted, while the blue stripe is pH-activated, for a cherry pink finish. Fresh and fruity, it’s pineapple flavored.

What I say:
When I want PINK, this is want I will use. There is nothing subtle about the pink that this balm creates! BUT there is nothing wrong with that! I love how it tastes, also!

*Side note: Winky Lux has a wide assortment of color changing lip balms that are all amazing and awesome! I have also tried the Watermelon Jelly Ph Lip Balm and even though I didn't feature it here, it is one of my favorites ( I will be talking about it later this Summer!!)!

e.l.f. Gatta Glow Lip Tint in Perfect Pink

What they say:

The innovative e.l.f. Gott Glow Lip Tint reacts with the chemistry of your lips to deliver a personalized, perfect shade of pink! The ethereal hue gives a sheer flush of color that enhances the natural beauty of your lips. The gel-based formula glides on smoothly and is infused with Shea Butter to moisturize and nourish.

What I say:
I really like the subtle pink that the lip tint gives off. Also, it does glide very smooth! 

Lipstick Queen in Morning Sunshine

What they say:

Add a smile to your dial with this amazing yellow lipstick that transforms into a super flattering, super fun, peachy coral.

Utilizing the same transforming technology as the other cult faves, Frog Prince and Hello Sailor, this happy sunny lipstick works with your pH to turn your own unique shade ranging from an uplifting coral to edible watermelon.

Packed with Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil, it's as hydrating as it is fun. Light up your face and your life!

What I say:
I think the coral color may be a bit much on my skin tone, but it is so much fun!

Have you ever used a Ph color changing lip balm? Which one?

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