My 24 before 2024

 Hey all you lovely people!

Today, I wanted to share my 24 before 2024. I found out about the 23 before 2023 last year, so I am re-writing it to be 24 before 2024.

Basically it's a list of goals that I want to accomplish this year, hence the name- "24 before 2024". 

So here we go! 

1. 3 new tattoos

2. Finish my supervision hours and take the BCBA test

3. Celebrate 1 year at my job

4. Loose 15 lbs

5. Start PhD program

6. Have a no spend month

7. All clothes and shoes go through

8. All makeup, skincare, beauty items, etc go through

9. Paint bedroom

10. Redo bathroom

11. Office makeover

12. Build duck cage

13. Build outside chicken cage

14. Get more chickens

15. Take a vacation

16. Go to a waterpark

17. Go to the Shed Aquarium

18. Go to the Field Museum

19. Gave family pictures taken

20. Read 100 books

21. Read 12 physical books

22. Write a book, publishing not required

23. Start a booktok

24. Grow Instagram to 10k

Whew, that's a lot of goals for the year, but I am really excited for all of them!!! 

Do you have any goals for 2023?

Goals: 24 before 2024

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