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Back in January, Tay wrote a post in reply to Nadine's post, at the end of Tay's post, she asked the questions: How do you match up to your online persona? Do you think there's a difference?

Other than singing the Brad Paisley song in my head, Tay's post post really got me thinking... 
When I tell people that I have a blog, they look at me kinda funny. In real life, I am shy, and an introvert. I tend to keep to myself, I rarely ever keep eye contact, and hate making new friends because it gives me the heebie jeebies. Well, unless I know you. Then I usually speak my mind, and I am rather outgoing. But if I don't know you, forget it. But I don't present myself like that online. 

Today I have decided to break down my online personas in an attempt to figure out in which one is the most true to myself. 

Instagram is my favorite app, but in my opinion, it's also one of the most edited versions of myself. Granted, it gives me the chance to let people see the world the way I do. But, most of the time, I use a filter, edit with VSCO, and crop the hell out of my photos. Sometimes I misjudge what people like, but it happens. 

I have two Facebook pages- my personal page and my blog page. I actually take the time to think about what I am putting on my personal page, whereas, the blog page is more for post promotion. A few years ago, I would post everything from my daily life on my personal page. I would add multiple pictures into albums- especially of Lil Man, but lately, I have pulled back a lot. About ninety percent of the friends on my personal page are people that I have actually met in person. They are family, friends, people that I have worked or gone to school with, and my privacy settings are rather high. But in the end, I could say that my Facebook persona on my personal page is one of the least like me. I hate posting things about my daily life, especially since I could use some of the people as personal references and I don’t want them to think the worst of me. Plus I hate when people get all judgy… like receiving a text asking why I posted something; or forgetting to invite someone to a party (and that’s why I’m old fashion and still send actual invites to Lil Man’s parties). 

Twitter is something that I use for the random shit that pops into my head and half the time I don’t think before I post it. Oh and for blog promotion.

My blog is my outlet. Basically when I write, it’s like writing to my best friend. You are getting the outgoing, smart, speaks her mind side of me. I try to post the good with the bad, and that even goes for the picture quality. I am starting to not censor myself on the blog as much- because there is more to me than makeup and wine- I have strong feelings on issues today, and I am looking to offer that side of me. 

What you see on Snapchat is my daily life. The unedited part. The photos are usually low quality and I typically post a lot of videos of my kid or dog. I would say that Snapchat is most like me. 

As you see, there is definitely a difference in my online personas. Sure each presents a part of me, but one persona doesn't really match the whole. But that's ok. I mean, can you really ever KNOW a person?

Do you match up to your online persona? Which one is most like you?

*Photo credit: Ashley Ella Design

Always say yes to the wine.

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