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The weather here in the Midwest is down again, so I thought that I would post something fun. I used to do a links & loves post, which would just talk about things that I had been loving lately. I also used to post it on a Sunday, not a Tuesday. #ohwell

I had been searching FOR-EVER for the X-cross ring that is so trendy, and I FINALLY found it in my size! Bonus: it also comes with three other rings! #winning

I've decided that instead of going all-in and buying every book that I want from Amazon, I am going to start buying one book every payday. This book by K.A. Knight is going to be my first purchase.

The prettiest art deco half eternity band.

If you are like me and love adult coloring books, then this one is the one for you! It's full of sarcasm, cuss words, and pretty things.

Speaking of jewelry, I found a cute knot ring that actually fits on my right pointer finger. BONUS: it's real sterling silver!

The perfect writing journal!

I've been into cute delicate rings that I can stack lately, and I really love three specific rings from Honeycat on Amazon: tiny baguette crystal ring, mood ring, & opal orb crystal ring.

I really want this moon pendant necklace.

Speaking of Honeycat... I also really LOVE this Chinese zodiac necklace in the OX

The cutest seed bead bracelets that don't cost a fortune.

The best work tote!

I really love this basecoat for growing out my fragile nails.

Have you been loving anything lately?

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