Letter from the editor: February recap

Ok, so this year is going by way to darn fast... I mean, I can't believe that it's already March! So on to the February recap, yeah?


  • Reading 11 books- I posted about them here
  • The hubby's birthday // We only went out to dinner, but it was nice to get out and not have to cook for the night
  • Me and the hubby got our COVID boosters
  • Nerve blocks // I finally got my nerve blocks for my migraines and so far it's helping
  • Getting my FabFitFun Box
  • Sickness again // This month I came down with a pretty nasty sinus infection
  • Work // stressful as ever still
  • Not meeting my goals // I didn't keep up with my habit trackers :(
  • My mental health is taking a dive... 

February Favorites

Quote: "You gatta survive"- Em Beihold "Numb Little Bug"

Watching: I finally started Yellowstone Season 1

Song: Em Beihold "Numb Little Bug"

Thing accomplished: Um... nothing :(

Beauty Product: Winky Lux Lip Oil

Next up for March?

Celebrate: St. Patty's Day

Read: My goal is 10 books, but I never know if I might just find a series

Visit: Thrift shop or flea market

Watch: Through my Window on Netflix

3 Goals

  • Keep up with my habit trackers
  • Post at least 5 blog posts
  • I really want a new tattoo
  • Buy 2 new books

New things to try: Going to bed at a decent time

My intuition says: I might be lucky in March

Inspiring quote: "I'm not procrastinating, I'm on energy save mode."- Sign @ Dave & Busters.

Upcoming on the blog: Mental health goals for 2022, 23 by 23 (list of short term goals to accomplish by 2023), current favorite beauty products, talking about Depression & Medication

How was your February???

In case you missed these in February...

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