Thirsty Thursday: January recap

Today we are back with another installment of my new series: Thirsty Thursday; where I recap the books that I have read. I decided that I am going to do a month by month play by play with my books, since I have to tell you, going through all of the books that I read in 2021 and picking out my favorites was actually kinda hard. #toomuchreading 

So, I know that it's not Thursday, but I figured let's post about books on a Sunday. Right? Ok!

Thirsty Thursday

In January, I read a total of 21 books. Without really knowing it, I actually leaned more towards the mafia troupe, which was ok in my book. Lol Did you see that pun? Ok, so without further adieu... books I read last month:

Kindle Unlimited

*Please read any and all trigger warnings before diving into any of my read books*

books I've read

Hate you- Logan Fox // Bully romance, step-brother troupe... step-siblings at war, attraction is off the charts, and the FMC is basically an alcoholic. Eh. Not enough smut for me. (Finished from December)

The Tyrant Alpha's Rejected Mate- Cate C. Wells // I like shifter romances, but this one actually pissed me off. She is "damaged" and he's the alpha. Well, he rejects her and when her "bond" is taken away, and he finally admits to himself that she is his "mate", he expects her to just come running to him. I will admit, she made him work for it, but he was so arrogant that I found it hard to actually like him. (Finished from December)

The Blue-Eyed Devil- Beena Khan // Mafia troupe... not really memorable to be completely honest. (Finished from December)

I married a Lizardman- Regine Abel // To be honest, I actually liked it. I love how they both had differences and overcame them to make a relationship work.

Corrupt Temptation- Melinda Terranova // Enemies to lovers, reverse Harem, step-brother troupe... Book 1 of the Savage Kings of St Ivy series... devoured it & started on the next one, but I did have one hang-up... I wish the FMC was more of a bad ass and not so much as a push over. I really wanted her to make the boys work for it, and well, she just took it.

Savage Lies- Melinda Terranova // Book 2 of the Savage Kings of St Ivy series... AND now I'm awaiting the 3rd book. Boo!

books i read in January

Oath of Silence- Jane Henry // I really liked the main man... he's mafia Don and well, very dominate in the a...hem, bedroom.

*Fold- Ashley Jade // Book 1 of the Complicated Parts about complicated relationships... she's gay and he's an ass, but they both have an attraction to each other. Oh, did I mention that they were both in a relationship with the same chick, unknowingly? Yeah, I totally shipped the two main characters and promptly started on the next one

*Bluff - Ashley Jade // Book 2 of the Complicated Parts series, and I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. I'm starting the last one here soon.

*Secrets We Hunt- Dana Isaly // Holy crap on a stick, I fall more and more in love Dana and her novella's. This one was the long awaited follow up to Games We Play, and wow! The smutty scenes? Oh yes!

Their Summer Intern- Jessa Kane // Another novella. Short, spicy, sexy. Step-brother troupe. LOVED IT!

Daddy's Worst Nightmare- Jessa Kane // Another novella... short somewhat-mafia read. Could have taken it to a full book if added in more details.

Books to recommend

Empire of Sin: An Enemies to Lovers Romance- Rina Kent // Rina is one of my favorite authors and I have been waiting for Knox's book since the first Royal Elite book came out... AND Rina DID NOT DISSAPOINT! My boy Knox is not only hot as sin, but he is loyal and loves hard! 

Suddenly His - Jessa Kane // Another novella... a fast paced story about a young girl and her mother's boss, who has an obsession with her. 

Velvet Devil- Nicole Fox // Mafia romance. I did like it, but it was fast, then slow, then fast again. A couple of twists and turns. There is a second book, but the blurb and reviews gave everything away. 

Kingdom Fall- A. Zavarelli // Borderline mafia romance... nanny & boss... twist that you NEVER see coming.

Kingpin: An Arranged Dark Mafia Romance- Callie Vincent // I really wouldn't say that it was dark (according to my tastes), but that the male main character was more of a bully/ass. I was on the fence with this one.

First Comes Blood: A Mafia Reverse Harem Romance- Lilith Vincent // You don't see a lot of mafia reverse harems, so I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I thought it was hot and I loved how different the men were with the female main character. I finished it rather quickly and started the second one. 

The Marriage Debt (Dark Mafia Romance)- Clarissa Wild // Interesting story line... some kinky shit... there's a twist you don't see coming... a sweet HEA.

*Scarred- Emily McIntire // This one has one kick ass heroine and a man that wants her so freaking bad. I loved it. 

Books I bought (Kindle Edition)

books I've bought

Neon Gods- Katee Robert // Holy wow... a beautiful retelling of Hades and Persephone that has some rather kinky shit in it. 

Sweet Devil- Becker Grey // I have read the entire Devil series and I really loved this one. It was sweet, heart breaking, funny, and all around a good read.

*denotes a book that I have on my Amazon wish list and will be buying a physical copy of*

As you can see, some of the books that I read in January were novellas, which were essentially shortened books. I did enjoy the majority of the books that I read and to be honest, there were some where I was like eh... BUT I'm not going to call those books out. Maybe next month...

Oh... were you here for my Favorite books of 2021? No... well, go read it!!!

Did you read anything fun in January? What are you reading right now?

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January Book Recommendations

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