Letter from the editor: January Recap

letter from the editor

Ok, this is crazy- it seems like I was just posting a "Saying goodbye to 2021" post and now it's already a month into 2022... jeeze! Where does the time go? 

Any who, so you want to know what I was up to for the first month of 2022? Ok, so here we go... (Oh, btw, I like to do monthly recaps in the highs/lows fashion, and then I will tell you what I have going on for the next month)


  • New year & a fresh start
  • Restarting this here bloggy blog // I didn't post very much in January, but my goal is posting at least once a week from here on out
  • Finally taking my Christmas stuff down by the 2nd week of January // This has never happened before
  • Reading 19 books- I'm going to talk about them on Thursday
  • Redecorating my office
  • Covid struck my hubby and I was off work for three days due to waiting on results from MY test, which was negative
  • Work // stressful as ever
  • Migraines // I've had 4 this month and I still have to wait another week for my nerve blocks #FML
  • Dyeing my hair // I had a small mental breakdown towards the middle of the month and dyed my hair blue- which turned out to be a really dark denim blue- with light blue bangs, and then I hated it. So instead of going to a salon, I decided to use a color remover, which bleached the crap out of my hair and turned it blonde, orange, & green- yikes!- so then I put a pink deep conditioner on it and it turned me looking like Poppy from Trolls, but then I finally went to Sally beauty and asked for help and it turned out a beautiful merlot color. Go check it out on my Instagram. The whole ordeal gave me a migraine and I honestly just wanted to shave my head.
hair transition

January Favorites

Quote: "Just chuck it in the f*uck-it bucket and move on"

Watching: I finished season 2 of The Witcher

Song: Olly Murs "Dance with Me Tonight"

Thing accomplished: MY OFFICE REDO!!!

Beauty Product: Indie Lee Purifying face wash & Kopari Beauty 100% organic coconut melt

Next up for February?

Celebrate: The hubby's birthday is this month!!! Oh, and so is Valentine's Day <3

Read: My goal is 10 books, but I never know if I might just find a series

Visit: A thrift shop in town

Watch: I just got season 1 & 2 of Yellowstone and I'm psyched to start watching

3 Goals

  • Keep up with my habit trackers
  • Post at least 4 blog posts
  • New tattoo??? IDK

New things to try: Going to bed at a decent time

My intuition says: February is going to be a good month

Inspiring quote: "I'm just tryna' stay out of AA"- Walker Hayes

Upcoming on the blog: January reading recap, mental health goals for 2022, 23 by 23 (list of short term goals to accomplish by 2023), current favorite beauty products

How was your January???

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