Well, Hello to you 2022! (saying goodbye to 2021)


I can't believe that we have been suffering through this damn pandemic shit for 2 years now... wow!

But anyways, hello to you 2022! I have to say... you better be better than the last year... AND speaking of the last year, aka 2021, I think I need to actually recap 2021 before I get my sights set on you, 2022. 

So, without further ado, here's my top nine memories of 2021....

top nine memories

(Left to Right, row by row)

1. Getting a new phone // Ok, I'm not that materialistic, but like I said 2021 kinda sucked, so if you have been here since well, the beginning, you know how much I am a fan for phones that have good cameras, and well, the Samsung S21 has a REALLLLLLLY good camera on it. I also got the Galaxy watch 4.

2. Receiving flowers from the hubby at work on my birthday // this bouquet was ah-mazing-ly perfect. It had daisies, big honkin' roses, and lilies that were the size of my damn head! BEAUTIFUL #facewithheartsaroundit

3. Lil Man turned 11 this year // We didn't do the whole huge birthday thing cause you know... #covid... but we did go bowling with my mom, brother, and the three girls that my mom has legal guardianship over; and Lil Man had fun. So that's all that matters!

4. Lil Man wrote his first love letter // I have no idea who Nora is, but this boy was smitten and wanted her to be his man gal

5. Last bonfire at Mom & Dad's house // My parents moved like an hour away in June. I still see them, like every week, but it was bitter sweet saying good-bye to the house that I grew up in.

6. Right around Easter, I brought home two lil duckys! // They were the last two at TSC and looked lonely, so after a quick call to the hubs, I came home with Puddles and Fish. (On a side note, I have always wanted an animal named Fish, every since I say that one meme about the lady going to the store for fish and coming home with a puppy named "Fish" and it pissed her husband off. LMAO) I found out that Puddles is a girl and Fish is a boy, and they are sitting on a nest full of eggs. So... guess who is going to be a mommy and a grand-mommy?? Hopefully #fingerscrossed and I will update when that happens.

7. We tried an Escape Room // With all the hype around escape rooms, I had never tried one, so when the hubby suggested going to do one, I jumped on it. To be honest, it was hard and we didn't win, but it was fun! We tried out Escapology in Orland Park, IL if you're interested.

8. I got the shot // Yes, I actually got both of the shots, and then got COVID, but we won't talk about that. The reason that this is a memory is because I got the shot all on my own. No one told me to go get it, I did it myself.

9. I left in-home therapy and went to in-clinic // I do ABA therapy with kiddos with Autism, and I have been doing that for the last 4.5 years, and after being in-home for awhile, I decided to go back to clinic work. It was a change, but at least I am not driving all over the freaking state any more. 


1. Betty White... // I'm not going to elaborate on this one

2. Muscle strain in my lower back // To keep it simple, my back had been hurting for a few weeks, and I finally went to the ER. After 5 hours, they diagnosed me with a lumbar-sacral strain and told me to do light duty at work. My boss said to stay home, cause he doesn't do light duty... thus giving me a non-paid week vacay at home. 

3. COVID // After both shots, I got covid 6 weeks later. Fun shit!

4. Reoccurring sinus infections // I've had like 4-5 sinus infections in 2021. Not so fun shit.

What I'm taking away from 2021?

Family is the greatest gift anyone can give you, because sometimes friendships suck. Trust me when I say this... if someone is willing to walk out of your life, then let them. IF they want to throw away the memories, the multiple years of friendship, the love and support, then fucking let them. Simple as that.

Mental health is important. No, I'm not talking about the "make time for yourself" bullshit, I'm talking about if you have depression, then get help. If you have suicidal  thoughts, then get help. I put my mental health on the back burner for the most of 2021 and honestly, faked being happy, but it didn't pay off. I had more and more bad days, and finally went to see my psychiatrist for help. I am thankful that I did, because even though I still have bad days, I have more good than bad.

It's ok to be yourself. Let me just say this... trying to be someone else makes you look like an ass and we're not going to do that, ok?!

What's up next?

Since I've already recapped my happy and not so happy memories, and also what I've learned from 2021, my plan is to also talk about my new beauty discoveries and of course, what I've read in 2021. 

So stay tuned. 

Peace out!

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