confession time \\ Instances when being married rocks

Happy Wednesday friends! Do you know what it's time for? Confessions of course! :) 

So I am currently in the wonderful state of Tennessee, enjoying the fresh mountain air, which is a huge change considering I live in the Midwest and the Midwest is saturated with nasty polluted air because of the steel mills. Which I'm not even sure why they are there anymore because half of the cars any more are built overseas. 

I digress. 

I love being a mom. I mean I just don't love it, I'm pretty sure it's the one thing that actually defines me. I would give my last dying breath to protect my child and tell him how much I love him. But there are just some instances when being a mom totally sucks... and in those instances I am seriously thanking the Lord that I married someone that I can lean on. aka the person I can push off parenting duties onto. 

Today's confessional is all about having a child and the instances when being married rocks!

1. When I have to poop. And feel the need to shut AND lock the door. 

2. When I need a drinking buddy. Or just someone to share a bottle of wine with.

3. When I'm laying on the bed stalking people on Facebook and the child has someone else to bother when the Paw Patrol recording ends.

4. When I don't feel like doing dishes. And someone else can pick up the slack. 

5. When I need someone to bitch about work to and need someone who just needs to listen and NOT have an opinion. #sorrynotsorry

6. When I need to bathe without a 4 year old all up in my junk.

7. When mother nature decides to bless me with her gift and I don't feel like explaining to a little boy why mommy had a band-aid in her panties. 

8.  When I want to cuddle.

9. When I want some adult conversation. Good thing we are both good spellers. 

10. I'm pretty sure there is a number ten, but I think nine is where we are stopping today. 

What are your confessions?

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