another friday....

I can't believe that yesterday was already Friday! And that we are already in the middle of October? Oh my! But... at least the trees are finally turning and the smell of Fall is in full swing (at least by me).

This week has been super productive blog-wise for me. Even though I have kinda slacked on scheduling blog posts ( I've kinda gotten rather good about writing them on the fly), I have been working on a new about me & advertise page, changing around some font related items, working on new sidebar labels, and making some pretty awesome buttons. No, I won't be changing the whole design in this process -I really love the confetti look- but I'm tired of it all not being put together. Yes, I do know that it looks rather nice as is, but I'm weird like that.

Life wise, let's take a look at my Insta... 

one // I made my Grandmother a necklace for her 70th birthday, and I think it turned out rather well. And I plan on offering the necklace in the Etsy shop soon... and yes, I have other colors!

two // Last month some Birchbox subscribers recieved the new dual-ended Chapsticks in their boxes. Sadly I did not. But since there was so much buzz about them, I decided to drag my happy butt to Target and pay almost three bucks a pop. Are they worth it? Yeah.

three // This week the weather took a major turn in the cold direction. Since I have a lack of riding boots, or any other acceptable Fall boots for that matter, I pulled out my Target winter boots circa last year. 


four // Apparently Fall being in full swing has given me an obsession (and craving) with anything pumpkin... And Starbucks answered my craving call. Oh yes, my tummy was happy! 

five // Tuesday nights for us usually means Family Night (the hubby works midnight Wed-Sat). Tuesday night, I decided to make some hot cocoa and caramel apple "nachos" for use to enjoy while watching Chicago Fire. Loved!

Oh, and you know what blog posts I absolutely loved this week?
Cash In Your Pockets (or PayPal account!) by All the Joys | Let's be honest, blogging costs money. I love how Meagan gives us the run down on creative ways to make money to finance the fun endeavor.
You are Loved. You are Enough. You are Worth Something. by 34 Magnolia Street | I'm not a very religious person, but embedded in this post is such a great message... read it!
An Open Letter To The Douchebags of Chicago by The Daily Tay | Taylor's response to a guys open letter to the single women of Chicago. Hilarious!
Letter to My Future Self by A Labour of Life | I love, love, love letters like this... And I really don't think there is an outfit that Linda can't work!
How to Run a Kick Butt Sponsorship Program by Becoming Adorrable | Oh man... I am still on the fence about offering sponsorships, but Becca gives a great guide if I decide to start... also she features some awesome bloggers and they give their great advice (and maybe some sponsorship discount codes)!
How was your week? Any favorite blog posts that you want to share?

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  1. That necklace is beautiful! It reminds me of my grandmother, who has a September birthday and Love that color!

  2. That necklace is so pretty!

  3. Thanks for linking up and sharing my post! Loved Taylor's post as well, but some of the others are new to me! Hope you had a great weekend :)


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