Another week down...

Have you ever just wanted to sit around the house all day and do nothing? Welp, that was me yesterday.  Besides organizing my jewelry making parts containers, getting dressed, and immersing myself into public at the wonderful world of Target, I did nada. Yeah didn't even blog, if you couldn't tell. Sorry for that if you visited yesterday.

But I know what you came for today... A recap of my week, right?

One | I made and listed some new delicate necklaces in the Etsy shop and more will listed rather soon (probably by Monday). I'm also working on some new wine glass designs- so be on the lookout. Btw- I still have a sale going- use code HELLOFALL25 for 25% off your entire order.

Two  |  I'm finally happy to say that Lil Man is potty trained! I am soo happy for and proud of him.

Three | I finally got my booty in gear and designed Lil Man's thank yous from his birthday party... Sure they aren't my finest work- that's why I dare not show you- but they will do. Side note- my Christmas cards are going to be flippin awesome!

Four | I received the second best Birchbox ever... I will be giving full details next week, but let's just say it was freggin awesome!

Five | I read some amazing blog posts this week... 

What can I say... I'm a sucker for those outfit posts and the way Ash but together some outfit infographics is awesome! And shows me that I really need to buy some boots!

Since I've been thinking about doing a gallery wall, I've been on the lookout for how to do it for cheap.... I love how Kallie shows how to do it for cheap and uses Picmonkey for some framed quotes & Instagram inspired collages. 

Holy apple goodness... I love me some apple crisp in the fall (well any season except Summer), and this recipe looks ah-maz-ing!

In reality, perfection is far from attainable, and I love the way Kate & Adam talk about how they go against the grain, and don't have a desire to attain that perfection. 

I, like Rachael, struggle with loving myself and sometimes refuse to accept my "flaws". I love the way Rachael describes it, and explains the things that have gotten her to the middle place between hate and love. 

How was your week? Any blog posts that you absolutely loved?

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  1. thank you for the great link shares! i really enjoyed 'the grits'. also, your necklaces are really pretty!

  2. Hooray for potty training success!! Also, those necklaces are really pretty :)
    Those are great posts you shared - happy weekend!

  3. Oooh, I'm loving those necklaces - let me know when they are in your shop! THanks for linking up! Great picks, as usual :)

  4. Definitely need to read the gallery wall post...I want to do one in my house but fear the expense!

  5. I love the necklaces! So pretty!
    Thanks for linking up with me!
    Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife

  6. Thank you so much for sharing my post, lady! xo


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