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I have a thing for quotes and fonts, but more so quotes. I mean, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to quotes, because I love how a sentence or two can inspire, explain, or entertain. 

Anyways, since today is fifteenth day of #blogtober14 with Tay & Helene, I've decided to share with you two of my favorite quotes.

number one || Sweet Home Alabama may not be my favorite movie, but there is always one quote that stands out to me... 

The reason that someone would love this quote, shouuld be self explanatory, but why I love it? Because every time my husband asks why I married him, I tell him the same thing :) Cheesy, but that's how we work. 

number two || Lately I have been obsessed with the arrow and most of all, the meaning behind it... 

I have had alot of setback in my life, but they always seem to work out, and I come out on top. The arrow is real. It's a sign of impending greatness. It's a sign of hope.

In December I am also looking at making my obsession permanent, and getting three arrows on my left arm. Why? Because my birthday is on the 3rd, my favorite number is three, and there are three members of my little family- me, the hubby, and Lil Man. Rule of three, right? 

Oh, btw, if you are as obsessed with the arrow as me, Amy Cornwell has an awesome arrow ring for a great price. 

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What's your favorite quote?
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  1. I'm finding myself obsessed with arrow tattoos these days too...

  2. Both of those quotes are awesome. I love them.

    plus... sweet home alabama is one of my favourite movies. I just love reese <3

    ruth @

  3. I love the arrow. Love it. It's nice to remember when things are going south.

    And sweet home Alabama :)

  4. Ooh, I love that arrow quote. I've never seen/heard it before but wow, so much wisdom there. So happy I stopped by via Blogtober!

  5. I love that quote, it's a very unique way at looking at the ups and downs!


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