Horray! It's Friday!

Well damn, it's already Friday! It seems like the weeks have been going super fast since I started this whole bloggy thing...
Anyways, this week I have a couple of things for you... my weekly recap, my Secret Santa reveal, and a fun song for you.
First let's start with my week :)
My motto of the week.
I seriously can't believe that it's like a week and a half till Christmas? Are you ready? I'm about halfway there, but let's not dwell on the "need to do list", and let's see what I did this week. :) A little selfish, eh?
One... While shopping at Target, big surprise, I picked up this totally cute and totally me sweater. Sometimes it feels like I am a walking #selfie, so the sweater is perfect. And then I threw on my Caroline G Shop three-stone necklace, and the whole outfit screamed "You finally did it!" :)
Two... I love shopping, especially when I am buying something for a good cause. Every year, Maurices sells either some cute necklaces or bracelets, and 50% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Association. This cute little necklace pack comes in gold and silver, and cost $12. Cute accessories and giving to a good cause? A win win, in my book.
Three... Me and Lil Man decided to start making Christmas cookies this week. He absolutely loved helping me with the mixer and everything else that came along with it!
Four... Guess what came in? Yep, my Christmas Cards! I am so stinkin happy about this and knowing that my Christmas Cards will actually reach people before Christmas! Take that procrastination tendencies!!!
Five... Holy Mollies! I can finally say that I am done with homework for the next two weeks, and then I am less than six months from holding my Master's degree in my hands. Good thing too, cause I needed a break!
And now for my favorite part!!!

At the end of November, I decided to participate in a Secret Santa Swap. A REAL secret Santa swap! I received Nikki from MakeupHer, and I seriously loved buying for her. Anyways, I received my package the day before my birthday, and I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

My haul..


The candles.... my Secret Santa seriously read my mind, cause I have been wanting those exact same smells from Bath and Body!!!

Thank you, who ever you are!!!!!!!!!!

And last but certainly not least... A fun song!

This song, "Burn" By Ellie Goulding, has been in my head 24 damn 7!
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  1. Every time I think about how close Christmas is I'm stunned... it's sneaking up on us SO FAST!!!

  2. Yay! I am your Secret Santa! So glad you like you gifts, and fed perfect timing :)

    It was fun shopping for you - just bought everything I'd like myself hehe!


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