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This week is all about my blog. Why? Well, as I've said before, this blog is a reflection of me, so why not talk about it and the girl behind it? Alrighty, good starting concept right? Well, read on, kind sir.
I am seriously a Pinterest addict, and since I am always repining hair, outfit, and home decorating ideas, I have become an avid blog reader. Hell, I was repining stuff from Lauren Elizabeth and The Pleated Poppy way before I ever knew what a linky was. And since I kept reading the "pinterest hair girl" Kate's blog, The Small Things Blog, I decided that I wanted to stake my claim in the bloggy world. Thus "a hundred tiny wishes" was born.
I am not actually "new" to the bloggy world, tho. A couple of years ago, I started a personal blog. By that I mean, it was public, but I wrote about personal issues and Lil Man's baby milestones. I  wasn't interested in followers or views or what anyone thought. It was my place to talk about my personal shit. When I started "a hundred tiny wishes", I decommissioned my personal blog. I decided that my personal shit wasn't something that needed to be associated with me anymore, neither was it appropriate.
Anyways, after starting "a hundred tiny wishes", I wanted my blog to do BIG things. I wanted the views. I wanted the followers. I wanted the comments. I wanted to make new friends. I wanted it all the second I went live. But, I soon realized that all of that takes time. And word of mouth.
In the time of learning to be patient, I have also learned some things about blogging.
One.. Blog design counts.
Have you ever read a blog, and realized that there is just too much going on with the design? I have. It's like having ADD, and I can't concentrate on the most important things: the posts. When I first started, mine was like that. I had no idea what the hell HTML was and just used Bloggers templates. Well, I realized that I couldn't even read my own shit, let alone anyone else.
Therefore, I searched the web for tutorials for everything from how to link social media accounts to blog header to making a blog button and beyond.Did you know that you can find tutorial for everything bloggy related on the web? Pretty awesome, if I may say so myself. I am still changing and giving the blog little twerks here and there, but the overall look suits my personality. *I know that I can't do everything, so I may be using a blog design service in the near future to pull together my vision.*
Two... If you build it, you must work it, for them to come.
When I first started blogging, I went straight to doing link ups, and saw that my views started to grow. But soon, I realized that link ups are good and all, but you can't really grow a follower base because of them. It's more quality over quantity.
This includes both posts and followers. And both take work. Would you rather read a blog that has postings 7 days a week with no substance, or a blog that have multiple postings during the week, and each post has something either meaningful or makes you pee your pants funny? To me, the second one is important. Every time I post, I try to give the readers some type of substance. I also try to post multiple times a week. Unfortunately, postings take work. I usually will post sometime in the afternoon, because I rarely schedule my posts, and I am usually writing them on the fly throughout the day.
Also, do you want someone to follow you, and not actually read what the hell you have to say, or do you want someone to read and comment? I'd take the latter. And this is why I love Amanda over at Voyage of the Mee Mee. She actually reads and comments. And gets my sense of humor. :)
Three... Sponsorships.
And I realized that sponsorships help a lot too. I have been sponsoring Brianna over at Endlessly Beloved since last month, and may I say, I really think that because of her, my daily views have increased drastically. I seriously love her blog, and she is super nice, therefore I have decided to sponsor her for another two months :) I have also thought about sponsoring some other blogs also. But I'm not going to pay Fifty dollars to sit on someone's side bar for a month. #sorrynotsorry
*Currently I, myself, am not interested in having people sponsor me, nor do I have a large enough following to justify someone to pay to either, but I am definitely interested in blog button swaps. Send me a message on any one of my social media links and we can become friends :) *
Four... Love your blog.
Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work, did a post the other day about being the BeyoncĂ© of your own blog, and it really got me thinking. Basically the jist of it (you can check out the post later) was that you need to love your blog. You need to OWN your shit, and I do. I seriously love blogging. I blog for myself, and the views and comments are just added bonuses. :) 
This little slice of the bloggy world is seriously a reflection of me. I love the color pink and I wear grey a lot, therefore my blog colors are well, pink and grey. (Btw, I hate wearing black. I have a cat and a dog, and everything I own that is black somehow ends up looking like I just shaved both while wearing the same outfit. Imagine that.)
Back to loving my blog... Do you ever pull up your blog on your phone, aka the mobile site, just to re-read what you have just wrote? I do, and I laugh at my own sense of humor. I also try to post at least five days a week, like I said above, but I have my routine. Wednesdays are What I wore (unless I don't have an outfit, therefore it will be something off my go-to list of post subjects or one of the drafts sitting on my post page), Thursdays are All About Me, and Fridays are my High Five For Friday link up which recaps my week. That leaves four other days to pick and choose what I want to blog about. Most of the time, it's personal shit. Or a cute pic and story about Lil Man.
Five... Grammar Counts.
I can't spell for shit sometimes. I know this about myself. So, I love the autocorrect in Blogger's "compose a new post" thingy, because it actually says "hey stupid, you spelt that wrong." Grammar is a key thing about posts. I hate reading a post, and then stopping because I just realized that either a word is misspelled or the comma is certainly not in the right place or there is verb confusion or something else. I also hate looking at a word, thinking that it is misspelled, and then googling it and realizing that it is right. (Damn you English language!) Like yesterday, I could have sworn that "wore" was spelled wrong. But of course, it was right. And isn't it kinda funny that "wore" almost looks like "whore." Hehe.
Well, those are the five things that I have learned to date. Crazy huh? Maybe next week, I will tell you guys how I came up with the name "a hundred tiny wishes"?
Until next time...
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  1. Thanks for the shout out, that was so sweet of you! And I love that you associated me with what you did! :) "*I know that I can't do everything, so I may be using a blog design service in the near future to pull together my vision.*" One of my goals for early in next year is to get a design done... I can do the little stuff but that's about it. This post was spot on. There is so much to learn in the blogging world!

  2. I learn stuff about blogging every.single.day. its crazy! and such a big world! and gosh isnt meemee the best? :)


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