On the subject of babies...

Disclaimer: This post may seem like a lot of sentences put together, but I swear there is a point.

Well, I guess the cat's already outta the bag on Facebook, so I guess I will just announce it in bloggy land also.

My parents will be welcoming two new grandchildren in 2014.

No, I am not pregnant.

I am talking about my two step-brothers' significant others being pregnant. They both found out within weeks of each other. Crazy, huh?

So along with this news, the question "When are you going to give Lil Man a brother or sister?" has been thrown around a couple of times, and it has been directed at me.

There are four of us kids. I am the only girl. Three of us are in relationships. Funny thought: Wouldn't it be cool if all three of us were having babies next year? Three words: Shoot me now.

I am not opposed to having another baby, just not right now, and to answer the "another child" question... Honestly, I don't know. Me and the hubby have tossed around the idea of another baby, but we have never settled on a 100% for sure answer to a question like that.

Personally, I am nowhere ready for another tiny human right now, and I am actually happy with having one child. I love that I get to spend quality time with Lil Man, without the interruption of another crying human.

Plus, why would I want to start over? Sure babies are cute and squishy and bring joy to everyone, but behind closed doors, they make you smell like baby puke and never sleep through the night and then they start teething...

Hell, Lil Man sleeps through the night, doesn't spit up formula on me, talks to me, feeds himself, and doesn't have to be entertained 100% of the time. (We are even close to getting him out of diapers!)

Then again, some people actually think that Lil Man was an accident. Truth is, he wasn't. We were married in September, and by January, I was pregnant. Where we trying? No. Did I plan on getting pregnant? No. Were we preventing? A third No. But then again, how can something truly be an accident, if you are not preventing the possibility of it?

The week after our wedding, I decided to stop using birth control. I was on it for twelve years, so I decided that it was time. When I saw the two pink lines, three months later, I was surprised, but not shocked. Now the hubby, well, he was shocked beyond belief, and didn't even believe the tests.

I was truly happy from the first time that I saw those two pink lines. And still am, almost four years later.

Unfortunately, the truth is: I can't tell you that I would be 100% happy if I woke up tomorrow, peed on a stick, and saw the two pink lines again.

I think I would cry, since we are not ready (who is ever ready?) and don't have the room, BUT I would move things around in the house, and make room in my heart to love the new baby. On the other hand, I think my hubby would have a heart attack. Yikes!

Fortunately, until we are ready for another little human to join our family, I am happy paying for birth control every month.

It's a rarity to have true happiness, and I have it. And it's nice.


  1. I don't think there's anything wrong with NEVER having another child if that's what you end up deciding. Having one child and treating him amazingly is better than having 2 simply because you feel pressured into doing it. Now, this comes from someone who doesn't want children at all. I completely agree that children are miracles, etc... I just don't WANT anyway. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Everyone is different. :)

  2. "But then again, how can something truly be an accident, if you are not preventing the possibility of it?" YESSSS!!! I did a post on this not too long ago - my philosophy has been, "if you're not preventing, you're trying" which is along similar lines. Granted, some people try more seriously that others, but you catch my drift!


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