Sunday Social

Happy Sunday Friends :)

Today I am off of work, for personal reasons, and working on my final exam for one of my classes (that is due tonight). While taking a break, I decided to read some blogs. Bad idea. I came across the Sunday Social link up, and since I haven't participated in awhile, I felt like answering some questions :) I hope you enjoy!

Sunday Social

one... what is the wallpaper on your cell phone?
My wallpaper changes depending on my mood or season, but this is my current one :)
two... what do you keep beside your bed?
 A picture from my wedding day, a vase of fake flowers, my cell charger, and books to read to Lil Man before bed.
three... what is your least favorite chore?
Dishes. We don't have a dishwasher, and I hate doing them by hand.
four... if you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be?
In all honesty, my hair. I wish I could wake up with beautiful, don't have to do anything to it, hair.
five... what do you do to vent anger?
I txt my friends.
six... what is your favorite holiday of the year & why?
Yes, it's cliché, but I really do love Christmas. There is so much giving. For more on this, you can read my Favorite things about the holidays here.
Well, I hope you enjoyed! That was a nice break for me, as I am back to my final exam and beginning stages of carpal tunnel.


  1. GURL... let me tell ya somethin'... dishes suck even when you DO have a dishwasher... they made my social Sunday, too! haha :)

  2. I agree with Amanda. Having a dishwasher helps but there is still a ton of stuff that won't fit or needs to be hand washed so its really not that different. Hope you have a great week!


  3. i have a dishwasher and still hate doing the dishes. like seriously. wont do them until i run out of something!


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