It's Friday Baby!!!

Hi everyone! How are y'all doing on this great first Friday of December? Personally, I'm doing great! And I have had a wonderful week!!

Before I get to the fun, I was wondering if you guys have heard 'Let Her Go' by Passenger? I actually really like the song :) If you haven't heard it, you can hear it here...

And now, on with the show!!! 

one... My birthday was on Tuesday!!! The night before, my hubby surprised me with a beautiful Open Hearts key necklace from him and Lil Man. Then I spent the day of my birthday at The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago with my hubby, Lil Man, my parents & my brother, went to go see Catching Fire with my hubby, and ended the night by closing down Longhorn Steakhouse, after eating myself into a food coma. The nice thing... our waitress brought me an ice cream sundae, and my hubby sang to me in this cute lil voice. Priceless!

two... Since the soy candles of the season hit Target shelves, (like mid-October?) I have been smelling the same ones over and over, trying to bring myself to actually buy one. I never have for two reasons: a) I have too many candles and b) I didn't feel like spending the $5 for a small one or $10 for a big one. Well, I finally caved, and bought this one! I lit it up, and holy crap, my whole kitchen smelled like cotton candy!

three... Remember how I said that I would be participating in a Secret Santa? If not, you can read about it here. So, anyways... my package came in on Monday, which was the day before my birthday! It was awesome! (Please forgive the picture, I was tired and excited... not a good combination lol) I will be posting exactly what I got on December 13th, for the reveal post.

four... Thanks to Lauren Elizabeth from The Lauren Elizabeth Blog, I was introduced to the Caroline G shop. She sells BEAUTIFUL jewelry! I am a fan on Facebook, so I was able to obtain an offer for two free necklaces, only paying s&h. So I decided to buy a one stone and a three stone. The ivory one stone came in the mail on Thursday, and I am definitely inlove with it!

five... while at the museum on Tuesday, I had the idea to take a family picture for our Christmas Cards this year. We tried to take the "nice" family picture, but it just wasn't working out. LIGHTBULB. My hubby finally got the idea to flip Lil Man upside down, and try the picture. Please don't get the wrong idea, because this idea was nowhere near child abuse. We made sure that my Dad was ready to take the pic, flipped Lil Man, and then turned him right-side up like two seconds later, after the photo was snapped. Lil Man was laughing the whole time! What do you all think?

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