I am not a bad driver, I swear!

Here it is, the first post since turning twenty-eight, and I must say, being twenty-eight feels a lot like turning twenty-seven, and twenty-six and every other age between that and twenty-two. Oh well, it happens.
So anyways... Anyone that has children under the age of five may identify with this post.
Have you ever been driving, and all of a sudden your child wants something? Typical, huh? Well, if it's a short trip, you may tell them that they need to wait, because you are driving, and they may chill out and wait.
If I don't tend to his needs right at that moment, Lil Man acts like the world is coming to an end, and screams like holy hell. Try to drive like that... yeah, not fun.
To combat this issue, since it's generally fruit snacks or something to drink that he is requesting, I usually keep the diaper bag full of snacks and his cup in the passenger side seat. When he asks, I reach into the bag, usually swerving a little bit, retrieve the coveted fruit snacks, open the package, and give them to him. The same scenario happens with his cup.
Now, yesterday I was driving, and Lil Man requested an applesauce. We give him those green applesauce packages that come in apple cinnamon, apple strawberry, etc, and are kinda expensive. We them primarily for the convenience. It's like paying more for Verizon cell service, because they have amazing coverage.
So, I reached into the bag, pulled one out, twisted the cap off, and gave it to him. I stop at a stop sign, then as I start driving again, Lil Man says, "Uh oh, Mommy." What happened now?
I ask him what's wrong, and he says "Look." So I turn my head, and see that he managed to get the applesauce all down his pants, and on his car seat. Shit. Lil Man is they type of kid that would have used the applesauce as paint, and the car seat would have been covered, if no intervention was done.
Mind you I am driving.
I reach into the diaper bag and grab the wipes package. Opening the plastic thing, I realize that it is an unopened package. Are you kidding me? So I dig my finger into the tear off thing, and open the package. After swerving and getting some dirty looks, (I was doing like 15 in a 25) I finally grab some wipes, and give them to Lil Man, asking that he clean up the mess.
All of this would have been so much easier if I had been driving a car, instead of a Trailblazer.
Needless to say, he only cleaned up his pants, and I now have to steam clean his car seat.

At least he's cute (you can check him out on my Instagram)!

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