Best songs of 2013

So, for today's edition of "All About Me Thursdays", I was going to give you an insight to my taste in music, and then I found Helene's "Best Songs of 2013".... Lightbulb

So, in killing two birds with one stone, I have decided to a) do what I set out to do, and give you an insight into my taste in musical genius, and b) participate in a linky! Yay!!!

First about me: I have a very eclectic taste in music. I love everything from Country to Pop to Oldies to Rock to R&B to Dance, and almost everything in between. I even like some classical. Yeah, very wide taste in music.

Well, let's get to it!

Helene in Between
Two Thousand Thirteen has been a crazy, year in general, but great year in music:
Miley made 2013 her bitch, both Katy and Bey dropped amazing albums, Pitbull made his return, Luke was as hot as ever, Avicci was all over the radio, Biebs made headlines for non-music related things, Adele was apparently playing 'hide & seek', JT was, for lack of a better term, super awesome, Bruno was named Billboard's "Artist of the Year", Macklemore & Ryan made a statement, and so much more.
In reality, I had so many songs to pick from, but I have chosen MY top 15 best songs of 2013, ranked in order of personal popularity and singability aka... when a song comes on, you just HAVE to sing it.
15. Joe Nichols- 'Sunny and 75'
14. Eminem Ft. Rihanna- 'The Monster'

13. Passenger- 'Let Her Go'
12. Jerrod Niemann- 'Drink to that all night'
11. Pitbull Feat Ke$ha- 'Timber'
10. Lorde- 'Royals'
I would have called this sixteen-year-old girl 'Breakout artist of the year' because of her AMAZING voice. Imagine what it's going to sound like at 20?
9. Eric Paslay- 'Friday Night'
I wanna be your Friday Night!!!
8. Katy Perry- 'Roar'
7. Chris Young- 'Aw Naw'
6. Miley Cyrus- 'We can't stop'
5. Bruno Mars- 'Treasure'
When will this man stop dropping #1 hits? Considering that Billboard named him 'Artist of the year', you know that anything that comes out of his mouth is golden. 
4. Luke Bryan- 'That's My Kinda Night'
Have you seen his video... he is seriously dripping with sexiness. MMM...
3. Avicci- 'Wake Me Up'
 I love that it's such a great dance song, even though that it's definitely over played.
2. One Republic- 'Counting Stars'
1. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- 'Same Love'
Who seriously doesn't love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis? No, seriously who? First they were Thrift Shoppin in your Grand Dad's clothes, and not they are rollin on 24s... They have definitely come up in this world. But, their song 'Same Love', is my nomination for number 1 of 2013.

Definitely not a bad list, if I may say so, myself. :)
If 2013 was such an awesome year in music, I am wondering what 2014 is going to bring us?

What's your list of the best songs of 2013??

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