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Harry's Razors reviews, Truman Razor, Winston Razor

In my household, razors are the one thing that has become a staple in the bathroom, right next to makeup brushes and toilet paper. The one thing about razors though, is the fact that they can get so expensive. My hubby usually shaves about three to four times a week, he does not use disposables, and his razors are the most expensive- ranging from $24-45 for a pack. It is crazy! 

While at Target a few months ago, he brought up the idea of using a razor subscription service. I didn't mind the idea- 1) I also shave (my legs) and 2) men's razors can be pretty darn awesome for women. After doing some research, we decided to try out Harry's

Harry's Razors, Truman Razor, Winston Razor

About the company

Harry's was started by two men on a mission to make cheaper razors. In a nutshell, they decided to buy a German factory to make their razors and then sell directly to the public, so they could cut the overhead costs. The founders also believe in a giving model- which means that all employees are required to donate 1% of their time to volunteering and 1% of all "net revenue" is donated to organizations to help people get ready for important life events. 

Harry's line of products include shave sets, grooming supplies, and razor blades that cost $2 or less per blade (the more you buy, the less the cost). Harry's carries two razors: the Truman and the Winston. The Truman razor features a rubberized matte exterior, texture grip pattern, and a weighted core. On the other hand, the Winston razor features an ergonomic body is made of die-cast zinc and polished chrome and a rubberized grip for optimal control. If ordered directly from Harry's, the Winston can also be engraved. I was able to try out the Truman and my hubby tried out the Winston, here are our thoughts...

She said

Since most razor subscription services are marketed towards men, just like Harry's, I was a bit skeptical to try it. Initially I felt like if a razor is made for a man, then it wouldn't be as gentle for a woman- I've used my hubby's razors and found this to be true. Plus, I tend to like the whole shea butter smooth strips, flowers, and pink handles that come on girly razors.

After trying out the Truman razor and I was pleasantly surprised. The design was so smooth and sleek and the way that the razor glided over my legs was phenomenal; the blade cartridge was very flexible and the blades were sharp. My legs were so super smooth and bonus- there wasn't any razor burn!

I also was able to try the shave gel, and it added to my shaving experience. With the shave gel, a little went a long way and it easily lathered. In addition it didn't smell like it was made for a man- which was a huge plus. 

Harry's Razors, Truman Razor, Winston Razor

He said

I really liked the Winston razor. The handle itself is lightweight and maneuverable. The blades are sharp and don't grab like most commercial razors. The trimming blade does clog easily, but it's something that I can deal with.  The shave gel easily lathers up and produced a very close and non irritating shave.

Overall, I really liked the blades and I will be switching to Harry's from now on. 

Harry's Razors, Truman Razor, Winston Razor

Overall thoughts

While I wish Harry's could maybe have more handle colors- the Truman currently comes in orange, blue, and green- to market the razors more towards women, I would say that my overall experience with the razor was a great one. Both the hubby and I agreed that the blades were sharp and did not produce any irritation.

Where to buy

If you are interested in trying out Harry's, they are currently running a deal that you can try a FREE trial of the Truman razor (set includes razor handle, razor blade, shave gel, and travel blade cover) and all you pay is $3 in shipping. You can also purchase Harry's razors from Target. 

Have you ever thought about a razor subscription service? 
Would you ever switch your razor?

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post. I was given the Winston and Truman razor sets shown in the photos above via Harry's in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed in this post are 100% my own.

Harry's Razors, Truman Razor, Winston Razor


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