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Sometimes I feel as if the week goes really fast... but this week, I am so happy for it to be Friday! Since the weather changed earlier in the week, I have been fighting either an allergy attack or a sinus infection (honestly, I'm leaning towards the allergies), so I am so ready for r&r with my two main men. 

Anyways... despite the health things, here's some things that I have been loving this week & there's a FREEBIE at the end!

1. My happy place...
My mom's dog had puppies almost 7 weeks ago, and I am so in love with them! Oh, btw, there's 8 of them!

2. This song!

3. These flowers!
I have been lusting over the flowers from EcoFlower for sometime now, and finally got the chance to work with them on an Instagram campaign. The company is amazing for one reason: the flowers are all made out of recycled materials! I chose the Central Park flowers because they are just breathtaking!

ecoflower, recycled flowers

4. Graphic Tees
Since I'm only working on the weekends right now, my style during the week is one of two things: joggers & a tank, or skinnies & a graphic tee. Most of the time, I am in skinnies & a graphic tee, like this one I bough last year from JCP. 

Outfit Details:
shirt | JCP (similar) // skinnies | JCP (similar) // shoes | Payless // sweater | Maurices (old)

5. My new email freebie
I haven't sent out the email blast yet (it's going out the first week of March), but if you sign up right now, it will be in your welcome email :) AND btw, I'm very proud of it.

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In case you missed it: 

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