60 blog post ideas for the uninspired

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Let's face it, when you have been blogging for a long period of time (September will be 4 years for me), you start to run out of the creative post ideas. Sometimes it's hard for me to either organize my thoughts and expand on a particular one, or it even can be difficult to get around writer's block. It happens.

To help me in those times, the one thing that I am always carrying around with me is a notebook. In that notebook, I usually write down all of my post ideas. From the very detailed post idea: "how to create a printable with Canva", to the obscure & needing brain power to make it happen post idea: "monthly beauty favorites", and in between, all my ideas are generally written down in that notebook. So it's a handy notebook, huh?

Today I wanted to open up my notebook and give you 60 blog post ideas that you can use in times that you are in need of inspiration.


1. roundup of your favorite seasonal beauty products
2. monthly beauty empties
3. list of your favorite makeup looks
4. list of your favorite beauty bloggers or vloggers
5. list of your Holy Grail beauty products
6. favorite nail polish colors & why
7. makeup tutorial
8. roundup of favorite hairstyles from pinterest
9. what's in your purse
10. best beauty hacks
11. favorite places to shop for beauty products


12. pick 5 Instagram photos & talk about them
13. favorite vacation spots
14. be a travel guide in your own city
15. book review
16. favorite animal & why
17. name something unique about yourself
18. diy project that takes less than ____ (an hour, 30 minutes...)
19. talk about your fears
20. planner reveal
21. talk about your pets
22. list of your favorite quotes & why
23. birthday wish list
24. talk about someone who has inspired you
25. share a music play list
26. share your favorite recipe
27. list of things you don't know about me
28. write a letter to your younger/older self
29. share your bucket list
30. 30 by 30, 40 by 40 list
31. 101 in 1001 list


32. round up of your favorite bloggers & why
33. a tutorial: photoshop, canva, etc
34. create a freebie & post it for readers
35. list of helpful/go-to websites/blog posts
36. your favorite fonts
37. favorite apps for blogging
38. favorite websites/blogging tools
39. tips for growing ____ (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook...)
40. what blogging has taught you
41. favorite hashtags
42. blogging bucket list
43. monthly blogging goals


44. share outtakes from a photo shoot that you did
45. your opinions on a particular seasons's trends
46. can't live without pieces
47. favorite places to shop
48. favorite outfit
49. outfit of the day
50. go-to date night outfit
51. shopping hacks
52. ways you save money while shopping
53. pieces you're lusting over for a particular season


54. write a letter to your child
55. easy kid activity
56. best parenting advice
57. favorite bedtime reading books
58. favorite kid friendly foods
59. share advice on parenting a ___ (baby, toddler, etc)
60. important family traditions

I hope this help in times when you need inspiration. Oh, btw do you have any blog post ideas that I can add to the list?

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