February Goals

Ah.. monthly goals time again.

I mean, I really love keeping track of my goals, because I feel like if I post them on here, then I am being held more accountable for them. And I really love to compare the completed vs not completed monthly goals; as it helps me keep track of where I'm at. And I'm excited for a new month.

February is a wonderful filled month for me, as I have so much to look forward to: my dad's & hubby's bdays, the love day, and a few extra days off with Lil Man because of President's Day. But before I get into the joy that the month of red, pink, and candy, let's recap my January goals first.

January Goals Recap


-Dedicate at least one day a week to me time // SUCCESS :)
-Start a new book // FAIL I haven't really found one that I REALLY want to start, so I am going to make it a priority next month.
-Use my planner every week // SUCCESS And I am proud of it too!
-Set aside time each week for blogging, and give myself a time limit // FAIL It's been hard for me to actually set aside time each week, mainly because I haven't made it a priority. 
-Go through closet; sell or donate whatever I don't fit or want // SUCCESS And I am still doing it!


-At least one brand collaboration // SUCCESS You can see it here.
-One photo shoot // SUCCESS I posted it here
-Launch new newsletter opt-in // SUCCESS It will be going out this month
-Change signature // SUCCESS I actually changed the header, signature, and colors :)
-Re-label posts & fix menu // HALF & HALF I added some additional sub-categories to the Beauty category, but I plann on adding lifestyle, parenting, and blogging.
-Start adding Pinterest images to popular old blog posts // HALF & HALF I was able to get to some, but I have a bunch...

Ok, so I didn't do that bad in January. I did reach over half of my goals, but some are a work in progress. 

February Goals


  • Start a new book
  • Organize all pictures/documents on computer: pictures by year, docs by type
  • Organize blog folder on compute; make a folder for different categories: posts in progress, Pinterest images, design, free stock, etc
  • Take bags to goodwill
  • List clothes on Facebook, Mecari
  • Make list of bills each month
  • Organize desk


  • Make Pinterest templates for Photoshop (so I can use my new title font)
  • Print out blog binder printables- think of post surrounding the printables (get sources for the printables too)
  • Grow Facebook to 1000 likes
  • Perfect my pitch letter
  • Update media kit
  • Start a new series highlighting travel

Do you have any goals for February?

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