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Please do not attempt to change your screens, you are indeed at the NEW a hundred tiny wishes. Yes, if you have been a longtime follower, by now, I am pretty sure that you have realized that there have been some changes going on around here. If you are a newbie, then welcome! 

I haven't decided to jump ship to Wordpress yet (though it may happen by the end of the year), but I have made some modifications lately. Basically, I have talked a lot about freelance writing and wanting to be taken seriously as a blogger, and the first step, in my eyes, is a more professional looking blog. Other than the fact that I would like to eventually monetize my blog, my main focus at this point is creating a more aesthetically pleasing experience for my readers. I want to build my readership, increase my stats, and create more engaging posts. 

Along with refining old posts, summarizing labels, assuring font continuity, and working on my pictures, I have made five essential changes. 

a new header
A few weeks ago, I asked for help in deciding a font for new header. I finally chose a font called Playlist Script, and I am so in love with it.

a domain, finally
After almost 2.5 years of blogging, I finally have a personalized domain. I know that a domain is usually the first thing that a blogger gets, but for me, the decision wasn't set in stone until about a week ago. Why? Because the thought of re-branding had been running through my mind since August, and I din't want to "commit" to anything. Last week it finally dawned on me that a hundred tiny wishes is me. It is my writing identity. And now I am locked in for a year.

e-mail subscription/campaign
I have finally signed up for MailChimp and implemented an email subscription list. Basically I have decided that I am only going to send an e-mail when I post something new, and I am totally against spamming, because honestly, I hate that stuff. So if you want to sign up, you can do that here or just enter your email over on the side bar. Thank you in advance!

"Read more" under posts
There is a few reasons that a jump break has been added to my posts. 1) for the email subs- in order to provide an excerpt of my posts for a RSS campaign, I had to add it, and 2) it just looks cleaner. 

refurbished pages
In light of the new email subscriptions, I decided to also refurbish my "best of" & "advertise/pr" pages.

What do you think?

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