Holiday bucket list

Each season I like to make a Bucket List centered around that particular season. From Summer to Fall, and now onto winter, each season has a particular set of things that I like to do. Today I am going to share what I love to do in the winter, and actually combine my holiday goals with my bucket list items. 

2016 Holiday bucket list

Since having Lil Man, the holiday season has been really different for me. I mean, when you're either married or single, but keyword: childless, you really don't see the wonder and happiness the holiday season can bring.

Currently, my holiday season starts around my birthday (December 3) and ever since Lil Man was born, I couldn't wait to start decorating. He is at that age where his excitement is barely contained and he wants Christmas to be NOW. Since December 1, he's been waking up each morning and looking for Sparky (our Elf on the Shelf), every time he sees Santa on TV he says we are buying a ticket to the North Pole to go see him, and he watches some sort of Christmas movie at least once a week- so I am actually excited myself. He also has his own little Christmas tree that he can decorate, so he will leave all of mom's ornaments alone.

Christmas can truly be such a wonderful time of the year. From the festivities, to the giving, to the food, it really culminates into such a beautiful season that I love sharing with my little guy. So, fifteen things on my holiday bucket list this year are:

1. put the Christmas tree up Done
2. order holiday cards Done
3. send holiday cards
4. go sledding
5. have all the gifts bought and wrapped before Christmas week
6. bake cookies
7. read one Christmas themed book every night in December
8. try all 4 of Starbucks's new hot chocolates
9. make at least 4 gifts this year
10. learn how to make at least one new cookie recipe
11. take Lil Man to see a dancing light house
12. go see the Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo Lights
13. move Elf every night
14. build a snowman with Lil Man
15. celebrate New Year's with my love

What's on your holiday bucket list?

2016 Holiday bucket list

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