my secret for cleaning up holiday messes with BLACK+DECKER

I have a confession: I really dislike cleaning. I love doing crafts and diy projects with Lil Man, especially around the Holidays, but I loathe the cleanup. I mean, there is just something about sweeping that really gets to me. 

For the past couple of years, I had been using a off brand version of a lightweight and upright vacuum, combined with a hand held to clean up any type of craft/diy mess, because like I said, sweeping kinda sucks. It was really inconvenient that I generally had to use both, plus the upright doesn't want to stay upright anymore and the hand held didn't hold a charge that lasted more than 5 minutes (it's 7 years old). So after getting tired of the two, I set out to find something a bit more convenient; and found something would become my favorite cleaning tool and secret for everyday messes.

After some research, I discovered the BLACK+DECKER Cordless Lithium 2-IN-1 Stick Vacuum. The 2-IN-1 Stick Vacuum combines the power of a lightweight upright vacuum with the power of a handheld and they are both packaged together in a convenient self-standing product.

Once I took it out of the box, I fell in love. I loved how lightweight, portable, and convenient it was. It simplified the need for a hand held and an upright, plus it was chargeable, meaning that I didn't have to lug a cord around the house.

my secret for cleaning up holiday messes with BLACK+DECKERmy secret for cleaning up holiday messes with BLACK+DECKER

The BLACK+DECKER Cordless Lithium 2-IN-1 Stick Vacuum is an innovative product that features BatterySense, which displays the remaining battery charge, AutoSense, which automatically adjusts suction depending on the floor (this feature is seriously awesome), powerboost, and a button that turns off the rotating brush if you desire. And the filter is the easiest thing to change!

my secret for cleaning up holiday messes with BLACK+DECKER

The stick vacuum makes it easy to clean up messes on the floor, cat litter in my laundry room, and freshen up my rugs without the hassle of bringing out the big vacuum. I love that now Lil Man and I can now do some holiday diy crafts like these without the dreaded loathing of cleaning because of this vacuum.

Best holiday ever!

Oh, I almost forgot... so since BLACK+DECKER loves their 2-IN-1 stick vacuum as much as I do, they are going to give away 20 of them! All you have to do is head to their site to check out all the diy ideas and then come back here, and comment with your favorite idea. Easy Peasy!

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my secret for cleaning up holiday messes with BLACK+DECKER

Have you ever tried the 2-IN-1 stick vacuum?

my secret for cleaning up holiday messes with BLACK+DECKER

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