January Goals

Back in September I stopped doing monthly goals for one reason: I really didn't see a need for them. But in the past few months, I realized that monthly goals are essential to my blogging identity. I mean, goals are a great tool in measuring my progress through the month; they allow me to see what I've done as well as gives me something to aim at. Writing down my goals also helps me not get too overwhelmed because let's face it- life can be just a little too demanding. 

Since it's only January, I want to start off with small goals. Sure, I would eventually like to have the big ones, like gaining 1000 followers on Instagram, or finally seeing 10,000 page views per month, but that's going to wait a minute. This month's goals include:


-Dedicate at least one day a week to me time // Lil Man is going to be back in school, and to save my sanity, I NEED to take a break from house cleaning, blogging, etc for one day a week. 
-Start a new book // My to-read list is getting longer every month, and for some reason I haven't been reading at all. 
-Use my planner every week // I bought a new Create 365 planner last month, and even though I love decorating it, it tends to be easier to use my phone. My goal is to actually use the planner. And like it. 
-Set aside time each week for blogging, and give myself a time limit // Blogging tends to take over my life, and I can spend hours reading blogs, researching new blog designs, etc. My goal is to set an actual time limit, and to not pick up a computer on the weekend. 
-Go through closet; sell or donate whatever I don't fit or want // I have a large collection of clothing, scarves, and purses that I need to get rid of.


-At least one brand collaboration // I really love collaborating with brands, and being able to showcase their products.
-One photo shoot // Fashion blogger in the making :) 
-Launch new newsletter opt-in // I have something fun coming up for you guys!
-Change signature 
-Re-label posts & fix menu // I want a more simpler and user friendly interface. 
-Start adding Pinterest images to popular old blog posts // This has been coming for awhile.

I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be off to a great start.

What do your January 2017 goals look like? 

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