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Social media is essential for bloggers. It allows a person to connect to blog followers, interact and show that they are real people, and to create and maintain relationships. My favorite form of social media is Instagram. I love how a picture can spark emotion in a person, and allow that person to connect with another on a deeper level. 

When Instagram changed their algorithm mid-2016, it made it harder for accounts to grow for one reason: they took away the chronological order. So instead of seeing the photos in order of when they posted, with the just posted at the top (like Snapchat), the algorithm made it that the most popular photos were seen first. A lot of individual users were not amused by the change, but some figured out a way to beat it. The most useful idea that emerged was and still is, is Instagram Comment Pods.

If you are an Instagram user, and have no clue as to what I am talking about, then this post is for you! I will tell you what Instagram comment pods are, why they are essential to growth, and tips for commenting.

What are Instagram Comment Pods

An Instagram Comment Pod is basically a group of like-minded people that are meant to be each other's cheerleaders. In a nutshell, a user will post a picture (or an emoji to signify that they have a new post) to the pod, and then the others in the pod will like and comment on the photo. 

There are two main types of Instagram pods: 

  • A group of people that you put together in a direct group message on Instagram
  • A social media engagement post in a Facebook group

The most popular type of pod is the group of people you put together in a direct group message. It is also the easiest and a great way to build a tribe. In this type, there are different pods that are divided up by niche (beauty, lifestyle, etc), and each pod is usually up to 15 people. Personally, I try to choose pods that are 10 or less people. For me, it's easier to keep up with the commenting. 

The other type of pod is a social media engagement post in a Facebook Group. The group will generally have a daily thread and people will post a link to the photo that they want more engagement (likes & comments) on. The threads are either 1) you must like and comment on all, or 2) you must like and comment on a certain number- usually 5. Yes, some group threads will have different variations, but they all go off of the same basic idea: boosting engagement.

Why they are essential to growth

Instagram Comment Pods are essential to growth for one reason:

Comments= more likes= higher engagement= more followers

The comment pods are Instagram users' way to "hack" the new algorithm. The people in your Instagram pod will comment and like your photo, and the more comments & likes a photo gets means that it will be shown to more followers. This also means that the photo has a better chance of being seen in the "top 9" hashtag categories. 

How do I join an Instagram Comment Pod

Joining an Instagram Comment Pod is a relatively easy thing to do. You can either join one that is already made, or you can start your own with some like minded bloggers. I personally found out about all of my Pods (I am currently in 5) from my Facebook Blogging Groups. Sometimes the Blogging Groups will start their own and add people, or individual people will start a pod and ask people to join with them. A really great Facebook group for joining pods is Instagram Posse. 

Tips on being a Instagram Comment Pod member

The main idea behind Instagram pods is to increase overall likes on a photo/photos, but also to increase your engagement. If you join a pod just because you want more likes, then you are not using the pod for its full potential. Within the pod, you can build your tribe (a group of like minded people) as a pod allows you to connect with other bloggers, make friends, and essentially build a community.

General tips for commenting on Instagram photos

  • Be sure to leave a comment that is five or more words. Do not leave something like an emoji or "great pic". Those two things do nothing for the new algorithm. 
  • Tweek your comment to the photo and be unique. If someone asks what plans you have for the weekend, then tell them. Just don't be like- "That is such a beautiful shot." 
  • When someone posts a comment on your photo, and that comment asks a question, answer it. The idea is to be engaging. 
  • For an extra personal touch, tag the person (@name) who's photo it is.

Do you belong to any Instagram Comment Pods? 
What do you like most about them?
Hey, btw, are you following ME on Instagram? :)

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