Happy Friday :)

Yeah, it's Friday...

I have been a bad blogger this week. I have lost track of my days, haven't scheduled my posts, and haven't even taken AWESOME picture. AND there is just no excuse for this behavior.... Sure, I have started back to my Grad classes, we found out that the hubby's back is, for lack of a better term, way the effed up, and if he doesn't have surgery in like a year, he's not going to be able to walk, and I am stressed to the max (if anyone is offering an all expense paid vacay to a beach off the coast of somewhere, hit me up), but I love blogging, so in my mind, there is no excuse. I love comments and shout-outs on twitter, because they give me butterflies, and if I don't post, I don't get them. Boo!

Anyways, my week...

one... I was paired with Stephanie from The Dreams Weaver, for a Valentine's Day Box Swap, and I must say, even though we have only exchanged a few e-mails, she is just simply amazing and I look forward to getting to know her more. An interesting fact: she works at the Costco of wine. I am so jealous! If I was working there... "Hey boss, I get a 30 minute break right?" "Yeah..." "Awesome, I will be in the pink moscato aisle." Returns 2 hours later... "Where the hell have you been?" "Um... hosting my own private wine tasting?" Yes... an awesome job. Btw, she orders the wines from France, so this probably wouldn't happen to her, just me.

 photo ValentinesDayBoxSwapButton_zps3453c6dc.jpg

two... Sunday night me and the hubs met up with his friend and her sister, and well, to save you the un-fun details, we all got a little drunk, and there was dancing and the worm (not from me). No, I didn't take pictures, because I didn't have my camera, and who really wants to see half-lit blurry ass pictures of drunk people? And the flashes just mess with the drunkos anyways. Seriously, it's like a pack of scurrying cockroaches... everyone just runs. Yeah, would not make for good blogging pictures. But I did have my phone, and took about a million drunk bathroom selfies. If you want to see a couple of my outfit, you can see this post.... HERE Fun shit, let me tell you.

three... Apparently, I am really yearning for summer, cause I'm just really tired of this damn snow... At the bar, I was ordering Mai-ties, I ordered the "Rio Beach" scent pack with my Scentsy order, and I painted my piggies (even though no one can see them). Pure and simple, I wish I could just go lay on a beach, covered in sunscreen, for about a week.

four... My Moose finally arrived! He's a Scentsy buddy, and smells like the beach. I am in love with his name... Magus (his birth/given name, not mine). Ain' he cute?

five... Remember when I told you that my hubby loves me so much, that he bought me the Sephora Favorites perfume set for Christmas? No, well refresh your memory here. Anyways, the perfume set came with a certificate for a full size bottle of your favorite of the nine perfumes. My favorite was Lancôme's La vie est belle, and every time that I went into Sephora, they were out, because the certificate was only for the 1.0 oz bottle. Well, on my third trip to JCP, I expressed my concerns with the manager, and guess what... they upgraded me to the 1.7 oz bottle for free. Yes, that is a $78 bottle of amazing perfume for basically free. Score!

Since I've been a bad blogger this week, I am going to give you two freebies...

six... Pitch Perfect was on Max this past week, and I recorded it. Yes, I am in love with the movie, you Aca-bitches and I am seriously Aca-happy. (Ok, yes, that was stupid, so you can just punch me now)

seven... While I was out Sunday night, I figured out which song I wanted to link for #backthatazzup... You're welcome.
So, this week, I am linking up with Lauren for H45F, Jennie for Friday Favorites, Whitney for #backthatazzup, and Darci, April, Christina, & Natasha for 5 on Friday. Wow, that was a mouthful!
I hope I have just redeemed myself, and I promise that next week, I will be back to regularly scheduled programming.

How was your week? Buy or do anything fun?


  1. There's no such thing as being a "bad" blogger when you take time off. There are no hard and fast rules, do yo' thaaaang gurl! ;P

  2. Woohoo. Score on the upgraded perfume!

  3. My week was all work and no fun but I do have a 3 day weekend so that is a score. I haven't had a drink since October. I bet I would pass out so quickly. Pink mascato is my favorite also. Wish I had some right now buy you have to travel 20 minutes to get to the closest liquor store.


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