WIWW: Online Boutique Cuteness

Hello... Anyone there? I really hope so, cause I really messed up today and I need to apologize...
You see, I have been scheduling my posts lately, and for some reason, I didn't schedule anything for today. No, it wasn't because I forgot, it was because I had no idea what to actually post. You see, again, today is Wednesday, and on Wednesdays I usually like to share a cute outfit or jewelry or something like that. Well, as I was going through my phone a couple of days ago, to show you a really cute outfit (by outfit, I mean top) that I picked up at Maurices last week, and apparently my phone ate it, cause it's not there. And then, I wore my new leggings, that I got last week, on Sunday, and I told my hubby not to forget to take a picture of me, cause I was smokin', and apparently we were so excited to go out, we never took the picture. On second thought, my camera would have been able to hold in all that hotness, anyways.

So, basically what I am going to show you is how I styled my leggings and scarf from Oakleigh Rose, a cute mother/daughter ran boutique out of Missouri.
Leggings: (please excuse the fuzziness of the photos... I was two mai-ties and three shots in, before I even thought about a picture).
Shirt: Maurices
Long Black Tank (Yes, it's a tank, not a dress): Target 'Be Maternity'
Leggings: Oakleigh Rose
 Necklace: Caroline G
Cute boots, eh? I bought them last year from Maurices (I freakin love that store),
and they have a nice little two inch stacked heel on them.
Scarf: I wore it to work on Saturday, and if you followed me on Instagram, you would have seen the cuteness firsthand :)
Cardi: Target
Cami: Maurices
Well, that's all I gots for y'all today. :) Oh, did I mention that I was linking up with The Pleated Poppy? Yes, there is always a reason behind my madness (well, usually).


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