The PayPal statement came....

I am going to preface this post, by asking you to read my I. am. addicted... post where I talk about my addiction to buying what bloggers are advertising.

This "need to buy what other bloggers are selling advertising" thing has finally came to a stop, with a capital S. The PayPal statement came the other day. I opened it up, like every other bill, and as I was reading the charges, I nearly fainted. Sure, I monitor all of my credit cards online, including PayPal, but of course, being me, I didn't monitor this one very closely closely enough. I was floored at how much I have spent over the past month on sponsorships, Etsy shops, boutiques, etc. I take that back, I wasn't floored. I wanted to scream. I wanted to get pissed off. I wanted to cry.

But this brief moment, in which I experienced some twenty emotions, I realized something. I realized that I needed to change. I realized that I have enough jewelry, makeup, clothes, and purses. I realized that sponsoring six blogs at once, may be a bit over kill. Sure, I want to get my name out there and brand myself (I'm talking an Etsy shop, paid sponsorships, people giving me free stuff to advertise, etc.), but I don't think that I should have to kill myself, and my bank account. In summary, I realized that I needed to stop spending money.

Why is it so easy to just hit "add to basket" and "check-out with PayPal"? Whoever came up with those buttons, really needs to be smacked!

Anyways, when I came to this realization, I decided to put my foot down, and make February a "no spend" month. If you don't understand this concept, it's basically a month in which you stick to the budget, and don't buy something, unless its an essential. On a side note, this "no spend" month is going to suck especially when Whitney comes out with February's IWYP by Whitney Ellen shirt (hopefully the order deadline goes into March). I just ordered January's and I am super excited.

December's IWYP by: Whitney Ellen

Yeah, so basically, as of Friday, I am done buying what bloggers are advertising. I'm sorry guys, but it just has to be done. I figure if I quit cold turkey, when I allow myself to buy again in March, I will be more selective, and actually ask myself, "Do I really need this?" If the answer is no, then I won't buy it. Simple. Hopefully.

Oh, since it's Wednesday and I am wearing only one outfit, can you guess who I'm linking up with? If you didn't guess it, I am linking up with Bella for Confessions and Liz & Amanda for the Hump Day Blog Hop! Check 'em out, you won't be sorry :)


  1. You look so darling in Whitney's shirt!

    I know what you mean about spending money especially in blogworld. It's like the flood gates have opened and now another reason to spend more money :-/ I think I normally stick to 3 blogs I sponsor, but since I got paid a bonus this past month I'm sponsoring around 6 bloggers. I think a no spend month is a good idea, wish you best of luck on that!

    Thanks for linkin' up love!!

  2. what about recouping some of that money and selling stuff you dont need? i started doing that and as of yesterday, i made almost $200! :) my friend does this all the time - she cleans out her house and sells stuff on craiglist regularly.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Totally agree with this! It sometimes feels like when you checkout with PayPal it's monopoly money so it doesn't matter. I'm doing a January no spend month, especially because our pantry has been bursting since we always stock up when there's sales. It makes you realize how much stuff you buy you really don't need.
    You should check out 99dresses, now that's really like monopoly money {or buttons in their case.} Just beware it may get a little addicting!

  4. I need a second or maybe third job to support my addicted to shopping habit! "No Spend" month is a good idea but OMG that is going to be sooo hard!!!! Good Luck!!

  5. Thanks for linking up, darlin'! :)
    I've been trying to reign in my spending as well. It is NOT easy. I have the tendency not to buy BIG things but to buy little things that add up to big expenses.

  6. Good luck babe! I have started using coupons on essentials and groceries, along with shopping sale foods and planning meals around those foods. It helps somewhat, especially on things like shampoo and toothpaste. Things we all need.


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