Friday's here!

Hello lovelies! I seriously can't believe that Friday is already here... crazy! It's like ever since I started this whole bloggy thing, the weeks have been going faster... Maybe it's because the week is no longer measured in time, it's measured in posts. That's blogging for you.
This week has been a great week, and I'm confident in describing it as the "best week of 2014". Yes, I know we have like 40 some more weeks left in this year, but after a non-fun-and-snow-filled-January, a great week is definitely what I needed.

one // My parents let me use their super-awesome-as-close-as-I'm-going-to-get-to-a-DSLR camera for a mini photo shoot for my upcoming giveaway (goes live on Wednesday), and for the first time since entering into the dot-com-world, I finally felt like a blogger. Granted I really don't think that I have a career in being a fashion blogger (post coming next week), but having a mini photo shoot, did an amazing thing for me- it boosted my self image.

two // Through Erin at Living in Yellow, I was introduced to Mint Sugar Boutique and this cute little love letters initial necklace. I have a "thing" for dainty little necklaces, and professing my love for my hubby, so it's perfect for me (and Erin gifted us readers with a 20% discount code in this post). And the best thing? You can customize the letters, pick the color, and choose the length. Yep, that's what I call a "full service custom" necklace. Oh... Did I mention that since receiving it, I haven't taken it off? btw, it says "T {heart} M" not "TOM."

three // I finally got my hands on one of the coveted Sugar Paper planners, and quiet simply, I am in love with it. I have never been the organizing type, but with a planner this pretty, it's going to be hard not to want to write down everything I need to do.

four // I received my Cara Box package this week. I will be revealing it early next week, but let's just say that I was simply amazed at what my partner sent me.

five // A small little Moose wandered into my mailbox, and upon opening his box, he introduced himself as Murray the Moose and asked to stay with me :) I couldn't say no. You can check out Emariecreations to 'adopt' his friends. btw, he was a custom order.

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 So, this week, I am linking up with Lauren for H45F, Jennie for Friday Favorites, Whitney for #backthatazzup, and Darci, April, Christina, & Natasha for 5 on Friday. Wow, that was a mouthful!

How was your week? Anything super awesome happen?


  1. Wow! You did have an awesome week!!! I am super excited about the posts to come. What a little teaser you are! I'll be sure to come by and enter that giveaway and see more pictures of you modeling. look lovely and another BTW that necklace is awesome.

  2. Love that little necklace... I wanna get me one!

  3. Thanks for the name of that planner! I have a binder I use for bigger events and I've wanted an Emily Ley simplified planner but I'm too cheap to throw down the 40 dollars for one... Happy to be a new follower here!


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