DIY {Painted Glasses}

Happy Tuesday Lovelies! Did you survive Monday? Yeah? Awesome! Well, I have something fun for you today!!! What is it, you ask? Well read on, and be amazed at my skills :)

A little hobby of mine, which is fueled by Pinterest, is DIY. Basically, I love to DIY everything, and if I had a sewing machine in my house, I would probably start my own clothing line. But, alas, I don't have a sewing machine, and sometimes I only have like twenty minutes to myself, due to being a stay-at-home mom to Lil Man. So, instead of turning to sewing, I decided to start crafting, if you could actually call it that.
On a side note, I grew up with a crafter mom. It was a hobby of my mother's. See, we didn't have a lot of money (we were comfortable, but not overly loaded), so when it came to buying Christmas gifts for 20+ relatives, homemade was the way to go. With my mom's help, my brother and I would make ornaments and paint wooden things to give as gifts. As I grew up, I sorta got to the point when I just didn't want to participate anymore, and crafting was no longer my second nature.
Queue launch of Pinterest...
When I heard that my step-brother was getting married a couple of years ago, I asked my soon-to-be-sister-in-law if I could paint their wedding glasses. I was addicted to trying things on Pinterest, and was dying to try one of the glittered wine glass tutorials that I had found. Long story short, she said ok, and the result turned out amazing.

Painted Bride and Groom Glasses
Bride and Groom glasses

Painted wedding party glasses
Two of the six wedding party glasses // painted in purple

The tutorial I used can be found here: DIY Glam Champagne Glasses. AND the best thing? They are all dishwasher safe and the glitter/paint will not rub off! I will explain why below.
After I completed the glasses, it became a goal of mine to start a 'Pinterest Bucket List', and try at least one DIY tutorial a week. I made jewelry, crayon art, glitter everything (except edible... kinda weird to eat glitter), scrapbook pages, painted on canvases, introduced myself to Microsoft Publisher, wrapped bottles in twine/yarn, ect. Yeah, I even got so into making jewelry that I thought I may be able to launch an Etsy shop and make a fortune. But, the dream died once I started working.
Alas life got in the way, like everything else, and I stopped my quest.
Queue Christmas.
This past Christmas, my mom reminded me that I had a brother, two step-brothers and their wives, and four nieces to buy for. Me and the hubby haven't been struggling with money, per say, but I wasn't about to spend a fortune on people I rarely see. (If either read this, I am sorry for this confession) Ok, it's not that I rarely see them by choice, it's just that they live like two hours away, and everyone's schedules conflict. Anyways, I told my friend of my dilemma, and she suggested that we make salt-dough ornaments for them. I immediately fell in love with the idea, and my finished product.

Painted Saltdough Ornaments
Salt-dough ornaments // yes, those are camo in the bottom left

Even though it took me a really long time, like a week, to finish the ornaments, I found out that I really enjoyed the painting aspect. Sure, Lil Man was all up in my face the whole time, because he wanted to paint too, but it still turned out to be an enjoyable experience. FYI Lil Man painted the "R" in the upper right-hand corner.

As you probably guessed it (or you follow me on Instagram), my love of painting has turned to glass products. Unlike the glitter wedding glasses above, I decided to start free handing. Ha! That sounds naughty. No, I was talking about actually drawing letters and such on glass.

What comes next is the reaping of my efforts to beautify my wine drinking experience :)

Painted Daisy Wine Glass
Daisy wine glass
This candle holder, which was inspired by the Anthro tumblers DIY floating around Pinterest, is actually an upcycled Febreze candle holder. You can find the tutorial on how to get old wax out of the glass holders HERE. And you can find the tutorial for the Anthro tumblers, that I used HERE.
Anthro inspired candle holder
Anthro inspired Candle holder
Basically in order to make the wine glass and candle holder above, you need: a glass item, alcohol, q-tips, paint, and an oven.

You wipe down the glass with the alcohol, paint with q-tips, and let dry. Then you stick the items in the cold oven on a baking sheet, set to 350*, and once the oven is pre-heated, let "bake" for 30 minutes. After the timer goes off, let the glass items cool down with the oven. They say that if you don't follow this, the glasses will explode. Better safe than sorry, right? Also, DO NOT OPEN the oven at anytime in the process, until the end, because they will also supposedly explode.

The 'baking' makes sure that your design will not wash off. You also have the option to let the items air cure for 21 days, but who seriously wants to wait for that?

In all, I made two wine glasses and the candle holder. Nice, huh?
Painted wine glasses
Cheers wine glass, candle holder, daisy wine glass
 I personally love making things, rather than buying from  store, because I believe homemade items are worth more. They are filled with love, sweat, and sometimes blood, and most of all, someone actually took time out of their day, and thought of you :)
Have you ever made anything homemade?
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  1. I honestly SUCK at making things homemade. I agree with you though... they're definitely more special that way. Makes them more one of a kind and gives them a special story/meaning.

  2. Those glasses are adorable! Great job lady! I love getting my craft on.

  3. You did a great job with the glasses! My favorite is the painted purple ones and the polka doted candle holder, well done, super cute!

  4. I love to make things, but I think you've figured that out by now through cara box!! ;) Great job on the glasses!


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