Outfits and behind the scenes

Hello lovelies! I have to admit, since it's Thursday, I didn't have anything planned for today. I had to work this morning (rarity during the week), so I have decided to show you some outfits that I have taken pictures of and a couple of behind the scenes photos. (Tomorrow's Friday, so you know I will have a good post!)

It's getting cold out here in the 2-1-9, so I finally decided to break out my boots. No, they are not fashion boots, but my last year's Target winter boots. I have wide calves, so my boots are the mid-calf ones that have a button closure on the side. I love these boots. They are so comfortable!

For work today, I paired them with my skinnies, a black cardi, turquoise cami for a pop of color, and my NEW LEOPARD PRINT scarf that I had been dying for. (I still want a brown/nude leopard print one, but that's next payday.)

Boots- Target
Denim- Maurices
Cardi- Old Navy (old)
Cami- Maurices
Scarf- Wal-Mart

Such a comfortable outfit!

The second outfit that I am sharing with you is the outfit that I wore to work a couple Sundays ago. (I have a tendency to take pictures of my outfits, for "rainy day" posts like this)

(I have no idea what's up with my face...)
Sweater- JCP
Green/Yellow Undershirt- Target
Jeans- Maurices
Shoes- Mudd (very old)

While taking these pictures.... Someone walked in, said, "whatcha doin?" and then proceeded to stand in the mirror until I took his picture. #bloggermomissues
But then again he was too cute for me to get mad, and of course not take one :)
Remember when I posted about my hair product routine here?
Same thing happened :)
Well, I hope you enjoyed this kinda short post... I promise to have a kick ass one tomorrow :) Now it's time for...

Mmmm... :)

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